Monday, December 7, 2009

A scare.

Last week Travis started having some pretty bad lower back pain. It persisted through the whole week, so when he went in for his treatment on Thursday he mentioned it to his doctor. The doctor said it could be just a pulled muscle (fingers crossed), but it possibly could mean that his cancer has spread to his spine.

Friday Travis went in for an x-ray in the afternoon, and we spent the weekend terrified and waiting.

I wish there was some way I could explain the anguish of waiting for results this big. This life changing.

If it had spread, that would mean the treatments that have miraculously been working thus far, have stopped.

It would mean that once again, we'd have to start brand new in figuring out how to deal with this awful disease, and I don't really think emotionally, (I) could handle it.....

But, after waiting all weekend with visions of doom, we learned that Travis has arthritis in his spine, or degenerative spine disease.

We don't know much about it, but what we've found out by looking on line is that it is just gonna cause him pain (more pain. Poor Travis), and sometimes it will flair up, and others he wont feel it at all.

We are so relieved that the cancer hasn't spread. And I find it a bit sad and pathetic that we are all so happy that he has arthritis.

Over the weekend we had so many people praying for us, and so many people fasting for us. I can't tell you how very blessed we felt. We have beautiful friends with big old hearts. You all mean the world to us.

Thank you.

Travis is thinking of starting a pool: Which body part will fail him next? (He said it jokingly..)

Friday, November 6, 2009


The Doctor's office closes at 12:30 on Friday's, so Travis went and picked up the results from the Hospital and read them himself...

As far as we can tell, things are looking pretty good! The spot on his rib grew a tiny bit, but it seems everything else is the same. If the Doctor says something different on Monday, I will update the blog.

Thanks again for thinking of us, praying for us, and being there for us. It's humbling to have so many people looking out for you.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Hey all,

Start Praying.
Crossing your fingers.
And your toes.
Fasting, if you wish.
Thinking happy good thoughts.
Wishing, silently and out loud.
and if you have a lucky underwear, wear them.

Cause it's scan time again.


Because of some scheduling stuff, instead of 3 months since his last one, it's been 5. I'm a little nervous. Were hoping to see results Friday afternoon, but if not, after a VERY long weekend, we will get them Monday.

Either way, we will let you know.
Thanks in advance for those of you who are taking my list above seriously. We appreciate you all!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009


One thing about being in the cancer club is that you are really never, ever alone. Someone understands what you are going through, someone has been there, and someone always knows someone who has been there.

A while back my brother found out someone he served his mission with has cancer. Doing a bit of research he found his family has a blog.

Sound familiar?

Stage 4.

Sound familiar?

2 beautiful little girls.

Sound familiar?

And one hot, awesome wife.

Sound familiar? :)

Reading through their blog always reminds me that there is someone out there who really understands it all. This family gets the uncertainty that comes with it all. They get the ups and downs.

Bryon's cancer is Gioblastoma, and his road has been different and I dare say more difficult than ours. He is now unable to work, and is doing a clinical trial that I pray will work for their family. They have amazing attitudes (I can tell through their blog), and just seem to be amazing people.

Their blog is auctioning off items right now. All of the proceeds will go to their family. They deserve this, trust me.

Why don't you head here. Read there story, and check to see if you need anything!

Friday, September 25, 2009


Trav had his 71st treatment yesterday. Ugh. 71.
When he informed me of the number last night, I tried to do the math of how many he will have to do to live to 84. (All I'm asking for is 50 more years. Just 50).

Obviously, I don't do math with that big of numbers.

Thankfully the mouth sores are all but gone, and were hoping this time they stay away! Thanks to all of you who gave us your canker advice.

Last night we put the kids to bed and I drug him downstairs to watch the premier of Grey's Anatomy. (I need to make it clear that I drug him, and this wasn't by his choice). We both just had to laugh at the scenes with Izzy and when she speaks of when you hear stage 4 cancer, you just assume you wont make it. You never assume you will just have to learn to "live with it".

We feel you Izzy.

Of course, we aren't complaining. Cause we sure like the living part.
I'm just saying.
We feel you Izzy.

Things are going fine here. His mouth is feeling better, and he's golfing tonight, so he must be doing okay...:) Thanks for checking in!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Weekend Plans?

Our family will be going here Friday night.

You should too.
I can't imagine a better way to spend your Friday night, or a better way to spend a few bucks!

Monday, September 7, 2009

The canker conundrum

This weekend has been a bit of a rough one. Travis woke up on Thursday morning with 4 cankers, and by Thursday afternoon, he had 6, and had to get a treatment.

Friday morning he woke up swollen, and his poor mouth was in some serious pain. When he got home from work I tried to count the cankers, and am guessing he had somewhere around 15 cankers!
Ouch, right?

The past few days he's talked very little, and eaten very little, but I'm really thinking that they will start to heal soon, and thankfully this week is his off week for treatments. Let's hope that this off week gives him a boost and he can feel better!

Any tips on how to cure his canker conundrum?

I really didn't get on this blog to write about Travis today, I just wanted to post a link to Taylie's (the little cutie I wrote about in my last post) website. This weekend they are having a carnival fundraiser, and they have a few other activities coming up.

Click below to check it out, and donate any way you can.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Last night as I was settling down for the night, checking blogs, e-mails, and catching up on celebrity gossip, I got an e-mail that a friend's daughter, who is only 4, has just been diagnosed with AML Leukemia.

I just sat here and cried and ached for my friend. Then cried some more.
I hate cancer. Really, I do.

I've been thinking none stop about this nightmare that they are facing. Thinking about my kids, and just wanting to squeeze them. Thinking about my friend, and just knowing how much she must ache watching her child go through this. It is so unfair, and so wrong. So wrong.

I also thought a lot about what we went through those first few days after finding out about Travis. I thought of the shock, the sadness, and the fear. Some of it's really blurry, like I don't remember cooking, or eating for that matter. I don't remember getting my kids ready or entertaining them at all. But I will never forget sitting in the Doctors office hearing the news. I remember what I was wearing. I remember the snow, I remember being embarrassed because I hadn't done my make-up yet, and I remember telling my family and friends.

I relived that in my mind last night, and felt that pit it my stomach because I know that a friend is experiencing this same thing, though maybe worse because it's her child. Her baby.

And then I thought about what's going on in my life now. We are in the same situation we were 2 years ago when Trav's cancer returned. Treatments every week, scans every 3 months, blah blah blah, but somehow those feelings have (maybe not disappeared) but lessened. Why? How have we gone from those awful feelings we first had, to feeling normal again?

I realized it's because we have had so much support. So many prayers sent our way. We have friends who help when we need them by bringing dinner, mowing the lawn, or just being here to chat. Friends who let us cry when we need to, and complain when we need to. Friends that help us laugh and help us forget. And we've have had so much time to digest it all.

So tonight I first want to say thank you again to our friends. Till last night I hadn't realized how much we've healed in the past 2 years, and I think that we owe you all for that. We are very, very blessed. And second, I want you to add my friend and her family to your prayers. I pray that her family has the support that we have had while they fight their fight, because it helps so much. No one should have to watch their child experience something so awful, and I hope with all my heart that their family will experience some of the beauty we've felt, while they are going through this hell.

(I'm not sure if they want the world to know their business, so I will keep their names to myself for now, but please, remember them today.)

Oh, and for those of you who come here to check on Trav, he is still plugging away. His treatments are still weekly, and he has found that taking 5 hour energy on treatment day actually helps a bit. (who knew?) His mouth has been swelling a bit still, but the cankers aren't as frequent. A new addition to his side affects have been pretty bad chest pains Thursday nights and Friday days. He still has a great attitude, and I still dig him. I'm thinking a scan her in a few weeks, so we will let you know.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Relay For Life

Friday night our little fam went to the Relay For Life at USU. We've been invited to attend for the last few years, and either because we've been busy, or ahem, just ignoring and pretending cancer isn't a part of our lives, we have yet to attend.

This year we sucked it up and realized that yes, we are part of the club.

I wasn't expecting it to be quite as emotional, and empowering as it was. The field was covered in tents, people were everywhere wearing their team shirts, and their purple survivor shirts. Care givers were there with their loved ones showing support. And so many people were there just to show they cared.


After a lovely speech given by a girl about her battle with cancer (she couldn't have been older than 30), the cancer survivors, all donning their purple t's, gathered at one end of the track, and the caregivers gathered at the other, and they met in the middle.

This was beautiful, sad, fabulous, a bit of awful, and beyond memorable all rolled into one.

Beautiful to see so many survivors. Every age, many sizes, and I'm sure, many types of cancer. It just gave me hope.

Sad to see so many there. Don't get me wrong, I know it's great to see so many survivors together, but it's also so sad to see just how many people have been affected by it.

Fabulous to see so many people surrounding the track, tears in their eyes, clapping and cheering for those who have battled though it. As we walked the track together, I couldn't help but feel the love of those cheering. It's very obvious that these are people who have gone through, or are currently going through what we are dealing with. People who really understand the highs and the lows. Amazing (Yes, I said it again, but I have no other words.)

And Awful to see so many children there. I can't imagine. Awful to see so many people who are still fighting, and obviously not feeling 100%. It just made me ache for so many people there.

And Memorable. Travis seemed to tower over the people he was walking with (not to mention he was the only one in blue because he hadn't changed his shirt yet) and I could see him coming down the track from the start. My heart was chuck full of love for him right then. I will never forget watching him walk with so many who have beaten the disease he has. I felt (and still feel) so very proud of him.

Here's a few pics of the night.

Trav and the ladies finishing the survivor/care giver walk. They do take mighty fine care of him if you ask me. :) Do you spot Adyson and I? Trav and Sienna are behind us a bit. Notice all the people clapping on the sidelines.

And don't you think he just looks SEXY in purple?

I'm just sayin'

We joked that his shirt should say surviving, instead of survivor.

And here's the whole fam.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I am happy to report that things are still looking stable...Wahoo!
There is a very small amount of growth in the rib, but nothing to be concerened about.

We are pleased and ready to celebrate our 4th now. I hope your weekend is full of fun!

Monday, June 29, 2009


They rescheduled the scan for Wednesday afternoon. I imagine we wont see results till Thursday.

That just gives you all more time to pray. ;)

Tomorrow... yet another scan.


Wish us luck, and wish us shrinkage!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


The mets in his lungs have stayed the same.
The spot on his rib has grown a tiny bit, but nothing that concerns them.
The spot on his kidney has grown, but again, just barely, and nothing that concerns them.
And I think the spot on his liver is the same.

We are happy that the treatments continue to work, and so grateful for all your prayers! I'd be happier if there wasn't any growth, but we take what we can get!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


I just wanted to let everyone know that Travis has his scan set for Tuesday morning.

This should explain me screening phone calls, being extremely emmotional, and living in my sweats.

I'm feeling a wide variety of emotions that range from terrified to optimistic and hopeful. It seems sometimes that we get used to this, and then scan time comes and the severity of what we face hits us head on again.

And if your wondering: it sucks.

Feel free to send happy thoughts and prayers in this direction. We sure feel them.

Have I mentioned how much we appreciate our friends and family?

We do. Thanks to all.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Travis is mad at me for not updating the cancer blog. Seriously, he's giving me crap about it right now. Sheesh.

He had his 50th (wow) treatment the other day. His cankers are pretty under control and he is feeling pretty good. His rib is doing much better it was, it still hurts at times, but he is in no where near the pain he was in for a while. We are so thankful for that!

Scan time will come the first week of April, so we will keep you all posted then!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Goodness I suck at keeping this thing up!

There isn't a whole lot going on right now. Travis is headed to a treatment tomorrow and then he gets a week off before he goes back. We love weeks off around here!! The pain in his rib seems to come and go, sometimes he feels pretty good (unless he lifts too much or raises his arms too high), and others he is in quite a lot of pain. I really hope that somehow this rib heals on its own.

The Dr. has mentioned him trying another drug on top of his weekly. This one is meant to strengthen the bones which sounds lovely, but the side effects do not. One of them, which is rare...but still, is that you lose the muscles in your mouth. Boo. We like to talk, and he likes to we aren't really sure how we feel about it!

It seems like we are just getting used to the treatments that he has been going through the last year and the thought of starting yet another drug isn't all that enticing. We will talk to the Dr. more about this before we make any decisions. I wish we could stop making hard decisions!!

Other than that life is good and we are doing just fine. We always appreciate the many dinners, calls, and e-mails we get and hope you all know how taken care of and loved we feel! I mean seriously people, we are so thankful!

I'll updated if something noteworthy happens.