Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Relay For Life

Friday night our little fam went to the Relay For Life at USU. We've been invited to attend for the last few years, and either because we've been busy, or ahem, just ignoring and pretending cancer isn't a part of our lives, we have yet to attend.

This year we sucked it up and realized that yes, we are part of the club.

I wasn't expecting it to be quite as emotional, and empowering as it was. The field was covered in tents, people were everywhere wearing their team shirts, and their purple survivor shirts. Care givers were there with their loved ones showing support. And so many people were there just to show they cared.


After a lovely speech given by a girl about her battle with cancer (she couldn't have been older than 30), the cancer survivors, all donning their purple t's, gathered at one end of the track, and the caregivers gathered at the other, and they met in the middle.

This was beautiful, sad, fabulous, a bit of awful, and beyond memorable all rolled into one.

Beautiful to see so many survivors. Every age, many sizes, and I'm sure, many types of cancer. It just gave me hope.

Sad to see so many there. Don't get me wrong, I know it's great to see so many survivors together, but it's also so sad to see just how many people have been affected by it.

Fabulous to see so many people surrounding the track, tears in their eyes, clapping and cheering for those who have battled though it. As we walked the track together, I couldn't help but feel the love of those cheering. It's very obvious that these are people who have gone through, or are currently going through what we are dealing with. People who really understand the highs and the lows. Amazing (Yes, I said it again, but I have no other words.)

And Awful to see so many children there. I can't imagine. Awful to see so many people who are still fighting, and obviously not feeling 100%. It just made me ache for so many people there.

And Memorable. Travis seemed to tower over the people he was walking with (not to mention he was the only one in blue because he hadn't changed his shirt yet) and I could see him coming down the track from the start. My heart was chuck full of love for him right then. I will never forget watching him walk with so many who have beaten the disease he has. I felt (and still feel) so very proud of him.

Here's a few pics of the night.

Trav and the ladies finishing the survivor/care giver walk. They do take mighty fine care of him if you ask me. :) Do you spot Adyson and I? Trav and Sienna are behind us a bit. Notice all the people clapping on the sidelines.

And don't you think he just looks SEXY in purple?

I'm just sayin'

We joked that his shirt should say surviving, instead of survivor.

And here's the whole fam.


Chanelle said...

You guys are such a beautiful family, inside and out. This made me cry, because it is a reminder of the reality of it.

I can see why you'd rather be part of the Grilling Club instead. :>

Eileen said...

Once again. You warmed my heart. I love you guys so very much. Words just can't express.

Hey. Finally. A real word verification: (as opposed to my made up ones)

Hanne and Fam said...

You always can make me cry! I love being able to see the hope and love that you have as a family. It overflows and touches all of us. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

Haylee Munk Brown said...

I love it. That must have been amazing to see. My mom was there, she was doing the walk. By the way, just to give you an update, that same day my dad a his newest brain scan. The doctor said he is a miracle, and couldn't find any cancer. He goes back again in 3 months, but if everything still looks good he gets to go off some of his meds :) yay!

Bryon's Family said...

Well, even though it is something I would do reluctantly, I would have liked to be a part of that. I also agree the shirts should say surviving, it would make more sense.

Grandmajoann said...

What a darling family. You made me cry too. I am sure that Travis will beat this and live to be an OLD man! You are just way to faithful and have so much love for each other, that has got to count!!!!

queenmari said...

thank you so much for leaving a comment. i think i found your blog through either mckmama or cjane? when i then saw that your husband too had cancer i wanted to read more.

phil was dignosed almost a year after we were married. 3 differen dr.s told him he had hemmroids. not. i finally took him to my doctor and within a few minutes we knew it wasn't good, but at least we would know what it was. stage 4colon cancer.

phil is always the fighter and refuses to let it win. refuses to. i get upset and scared, but also refuse to let it win. this new development has thrown me into a state of depression because it's my fault he took a break from chemo.

he stopped chemo last december when i came down with septic shock. he wanted to be there for me and he couldn't do that and chemo every week too. i loved when i came out of the coma one of the first things i remember is him telling me he likes it mcuh better when he's the one in the hospital bed--he thinks the worrying part is the worst part. i, of course, prefer it when i'm in the bed and he is well, although a perfect world would be for neither of us to be sick.

chemo is back on.

when i read your story here i was in tears. you and both young. you have a young family. i hate cancer. i am also thankful that i did find our blog. you've reminded me why i fight right along side my husband. i can't let the cancer win on any level.

keeping you in our prayers.


Quinn and Melanie said...

I am so glad you guys were able to make it this year!! It sounded like a wonderful experience. I could only cry as I read this. I am very proud of your strengh as a family...your love for eachother is amazing. Congrats!!