Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pictures. Lots of pictures. And a small update.

A quick update:
Travis is doing pretty good right now.
Been handling side effects as well as possible
and we've been able to enjoy life for a few weeks,
which we have reveled in!
He has had an infection in his kidney,
but we are hoping that it is finally going away...
crossing our fingers.
 Labs have been ok,
and we are getting geared up for a scan in the next few weeks.
When that happens,
I will update more.
But for now,
I was going through my pictures for our family blog and
I realized I have a lot of 'cancer related' pictures that have no home!
here's a sneak peak into our glamorous behind the scenes.
Please, try not to get jealous.

Trav came home from a hospital stay to a house full of balloons from friends.
Amazing, amazing friends.

It's helpful.
 The ladies sneaking into dads bed.
I can't remember what  stay this is for?
 Love notes.
 Snuggle time.
And also, melt my heart time.
 A visit.
 And a reason to smile.
 And another.

 Reflection in the hospital chair/bed.
Right now I was thinking about my bangs.
I'm sure.
Brought his cup for a visit.
 And more karaoke night!
Adore every single person featured below.

 Especially him.