Sunday, December 11, 2011

{4 Years}

Today marks 4 years since we learned
that T's cancer came back.

4 years!

I'm always so grateful this time
of year that we are able to reflect
on how we've made it through the past 4 years.

When we learned that it was back,
we also learned some pretty ugly
statistics that made us wonder if
4 years was a dream.

And here Trav is,
still fighting weekly.
I'm pretty thankful for him.
He never complains,
even though he really never feels well.
And he continues to support our family
and be a fantastic hubs and father.
I love him.

We are so grateful for our
family, friends, neighbors, ward members,
and random strangers who are always here
to support us.

We are ready for 4 more!
Leave T some love today and tell him how stellar he is.