Friday, April 19, 2013

{Always the Kidney}

Things over here haven't been real good the past few
days, and we figure it's time for an update.

Travis was able to start the CABO,
and for the first few weeks he seemed to do really well.
He was getting to be a bit more himself and that was wonderful!
And he was able to go to Augusta to a practice round
of the Masters with friends,
and had a blissful week.

I'm so happy for him.

When he came home we had a few good days
and then the side effects hit.

He has had a really hard few days.
He has no energy,
can't sleep,
stomach issues,
severe heartburn,
muscle aches,
joint pain,
skin issues,
sore throat,
breathing problems,
and sinus problems.

It's been tough.

We figured we could battle through,
and hopefully some of these SE's would subside,
but the major problem right now is his kidney function.

It's not good.
And worsening daily.

Today we met with a Renal specialist to discuss dialysis.
 We are pretty devastated that it has come to this.
Dialysis is hard on the body,.
time consuming,
and just one more thing to add to his already weakened state.

The Doctor today wasn't sure if it was due to his new drug,
or possibly the tumors in his remaining kidney blocking some of the way.
He went in for an ultrasound today so they can see for sure.

The Specialist said he would check the blood again on Monday
and see what the numbers looked like,
and review the ultrasound,
but if the function is as bad, or worse,
we will have to start dialysis next week.

So we are praying,
extremely hard,
that something good will happen over the weekend.
But we aren't crossing our fingers.

We've had a lot to think of the past few days,
and a lot of hard discussions with our beautiful girls.

We are so grateful for so much support,
and ask that you remember Trav in your prayers this
weekend.  And his crappy kidney.
And our beautiful daughters.
And add me too...
I'm not ashamed to ask.

We will keep you posted on Monday what will happen next.