Thursday, September 10, 2009

Weekend Plans?

Our family will be going here Friday night.

You should too.
I can't imagine a better way to spend your Friday night, or a better way to spend a few bucks!


Kellie said...

Hayley, you amaze and inspire me!

Bryon's Family said...

Hello! I commented on the canker thing, I hope it helped somewhat.

Thank you for your comment on Bryon's blog. Your family is on my mind fregquently throughout the day. I have never met you, but I would like to think of you as someone who truly knows how awful cancer can be. I feel so much better knowing their is someone out there who REALLY KNOWS what is going on in my house, because it is happening to you too. Hayley you and your family are in my long as I remember to say them!=) Keep smiling!