Monday, September 7, 2009

The canker conundrum

This weekend has been a bit of a rough one. Travis woke up on Thursday morning with 4 cankers, and by Thursday afternoon, he had 6, and had to get a treatment.

Friday morning he woke up swollen, and his poor mouth was in some serious pain. When he got home from work I tried to count the cankers, and am guessing he had somewhere around 15 cankers!
Ouch, right?

The past few days he's talked very little, and eaten very little, but I'm really thinking that they will start to heal soon, and thankfully this week is his off week for treatments. Let's hope that this off week gives him a boost and he can feel better!

Any tips on how to cure his canker conundrum?

I really didn't get on this blog to write about Travis today, I just wanted to post a link to Taylie's (the little cutie I wrote about in my last post) website. This weekend they are having a carnival fundraiser, and they have a few other activities coming up.

Click below to check it out, and donate any way you can.


Kevin said...

15 cankers sounds terrible! I am a sufferer of recurring cankers. When I feel them coming on, I start taking l-lysine, goldenseal, zinc, vitamin-c supplements. Lay off of sharp, acidic, and sugary foods - especially potato chips! Focus on bland or basic foods like yogurt or rice. Occasionally rinsing your mouth with warm water and salt can be soothing.

Please note that I am not a doctor and these are simply the habits I have developed over the last couple decades of cankers.

Hope this helps!

Hiatts said...

Hayley, I just came across this link on one of my good friends blogs

Not sure if it is any good but maybe it is something that works for them, she had a link posted on her blog.

hope Travis cankers get feeling beter.

Janie said...

Hey guys, I am saddened to hear about the sores. I feel that is something Bryon will have to look forward to as his treatment wears him down.

I myself have had a lot of cankers, sometimes chronically, throughout my adult life. I have asked doctors and feel like I have tried every home cure imaginable. However, there isn't much known about the stupid things. The only thing I have found that helps is rinsing my mouth with a table spoon of baking soda in about a cup and a half of warm water. It takes over night to give relief, but at least there is some relief by morning. No, it is not pleasant, but I felt like it helped so I endured.

When I get canker sores, my tongue gets swollen at night and I would bite it in my sleep. I have woke up with a few bloody pillows so I feel for you Travis. Your friend Kevin is right when he says stay away from acidic foods. Sugar is at the other end of the spectrum but still a known culprit. Basically, eat bland foods and stick with water.

Good luck to you, and know we are thinking of you.

Bryon's Family said...

previous comment made under my sister in laws login...sorry about that. It was actually Sara Gundersen that posted that.