Monday, September 28, 2009


One thing about being in the cancer club is that you are really never, ever alone. Someone understands what you are going through, someone has been there, and someone always knows someone who has been there.

A while back my brother found out someone he served his mission with has cancer. Doing a bit of research he found his family has a blog.

Sound familiar?

Stage 4.

Sound familiar?

2 beautiful little girls.

Sound familiar?

And one hot, awesome wife.

Sound familiar? :)

Reading through their blog always reminds me that there is someone out there who really understands it all. This family gets the uncertainty that comes with it all. They get the ups and downs.

Bryon's cancer is Gioblastoma, and his road has been different and I dare say more difficult than ours. He is now unable to work, and is doing a clinical trial that I pray will work for their family. They have amazing attitudes (I can tell through their blog), and just seem to be amazing people.

Their blog is auctioning off items right now. All of the proceeds will go to their family. They deserve this, trust me.

Why don't you head here. Read there story, and check to see if you need anything!


Haylee Munk Brown said...

Wow....This one hit me very hard even though I do not know this family. My dad had two young daughters (me, and Erin) when he had his first seizure that led them to the realization that he had a tumor. I couldn't help but shed tears for this family as I know what they are going through, at least his young children. As the child there is a lot of uncertainty (as I am sure there is as the spouse, but I don't know that part thankfully). I will keep them in my prayers, my dads last tumor was a stage 4 as well, and he still has no sign of the tumor that was removed in December, so there is always hope.

The Gundies said...

Thank you so much for thinking of us. I follow your blog and find a comfort in knowing Bryon is not alone in his trials. You have as much reason to complain as anyone, yet you still find ways to express concern for others. You truly are a remarkable family and we are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

The Bryon Gundersen Family

Steph said...

Cancer is pretty crappy, I agree. My prayers go out to you and your family. It is a disease that affects the whole family, that is the sad part. Hang in there! It is amazing what the power of love, support and prayer can do.