Friday, September 25, 2009


Trav had his 71st treatment yesterday. Ugh. 71.
When he informed me of the number last night, I tried to do the math of how many he will have to do to live to 84. (All I'm asking for is 50 more years. Just 50).

Obviously, I don't do math with that big of numbers.

Thankfully the mouth sores are all but gone, and were hoping this time they stay away! Thanks to all of you who gave us your canker advice.

Last night we put the kids to bed and I drug him downstairs to watch the premier of Grey's Anatomy. (I need to make it clear that I drug him, and this wasn't by his choice). We both just had to laugh at the scenes with Izzy and when she speaks of when you hear stage 4 cancer, you just assume you wont make it. You never assume you will just have to learn to "live with it".

We feel you Izzy.

Of course, we aren't complaining. Cause we sure like the living part.
I'm just saying.
We feel you Izzy.

Things are going fine here. His mouth is feeling better, and he's golfing tonight, so he must be doing okay...:) Thanks for checking in!


Guymon Family said...

Yikes that is a big number, but 84 sounds good to me too! No matter how many treatments good to hear the cankers are going away, and great to hear he's golfing! Gotta love Grey's! I am acutally about to watch it thank heavens for DVR.

The Gundies said...

Golf is good...very very good.

Chanelle said...

The fact that he IS living with it with such a great attitude shows just how strong of a person he really is. You guys are one of the finest couples we know!

Trisha said...

I feel so inspired by you guys...