Monday, March 16, 2009


Travis is mad at me for not updating the cancer blog. Seriously, he's giving me crap about it right now. Sheesh.

He had his 50th (wow) treatment the other day. His cankers are pretty under control and he is feeling pretty good. His rib is doing much better it was, it still hurts at times, but he is in no where near the pain he was in for a while. We are so thankful for that!

Scan time will come the first week of April, so we will keep you all posted then!


Haylee Munk Brown said...

The first week of April is big for us too, that is when my dad has his brain MRI to see how the radiation went and to see what kind (or if he needs it) of chemo he will b doing. I will be praying for Trav as well!

Guymon Family said...

We have just been hoping no news is good news! 50 treatments does not sound like a fun milestone, but glad to hear the cankers and rib is doing better! Hang in there and stay occupied, so you don't have too much time to think, April is just around the corner. I think I know what we'll be fasting for!

Chanelle said...

50, wow. I can't even imagine that! We are all so happy he's doing so well. We feel so lucky to have such a wonderful family as our neighbors.

Emily said...

I'm not really sure how I found your blog . . . but what a sad/inspirational story! My husband doesn't have crappy cancer (love the name of your blog BTW) and I could have a better attitude about my health. Reading this made me realize that I need to be more grateful for my health and the health of my family.

Thanks for sharing.