Monday, April 26, 2010

Radiation Planning.

Today we went to O-town to get Trav all set up for his radiation treatments. They apparently have a great radiation machine here, (state of the art, she called it), but they do the mapping and the planning, and the tattooing (is that a word?) there.

The Dr. first showed us Trav's spine, and I can officially say I know that man inside out. I've seen his brain, spine, and abdomen pictures. (Is it wrong to admit that those pics, especially the brain, freak me out a bit). (Okay, a lot).

Then they took Travis to a room to x-ray him with a grid, over and over again. Then they markered him up, tattooed him, and gave him a CAT scan to make sure that they had those tats right where they should be.

He has 3 little spots going down his chest on the right side, and one on each side. And you should have seen Adyson's face when we told her. It was like he went against everything we've been teaching was pretty entertaining stuff.

Yeah. He's badass. 5 tats in 1 day.
All he needs is a Harley, a leather jacket, and maybe a Mohawk, and we are set.

Radiation will start on the 10th. And only 5 very high doses. We both are a little nervous about how his body will react, especially because his weekly drug treatments already knock him down a bit, but we are feeling pretty optimistic. Everyone reacts differently, but the most common side effect seems to be fatigue. And we can do tired around here just fine. In fact, Trav's mastered it. : )

Thanks to all, again. Will we ever be able to repay all the kindness shown to us?


Andrea said...

Did you see Dr. Hansen at McKay Dee? (It is nice to hear who others are using.) He is my mom's oncologist. I only made it to one chemo treatment with her, but it was certainly good for me to see how things went for a treatment day and to meet her doctor.

It is tricky to explain the complexities to little ones. I love the story of the tattoos!

I'll be thinking of you guys, and I look forward to your updates. I wish you the best.

Eileen said...

Does that mean Travis is going to start swearing too?! Then maybe I won't be the only one going to

I love you guys!

Bryon's Family said...

Repay the kindness and charity? Nope, never. I have decided that all you can do is pay it forward when you can. Therefore, you WILL call me when you need help or so help me I will come down there and fluff your pillows without your permission! This would be a threat in case you haven't noticed, but I am still rooting for Travis in a very calm spiritual manner.

Trisha said...

Love that you can make hard things light hearted. We love you guys!

Haylee Munk Brown said...

I am sure he will be very tired. My dad had those 6 weeks of radiation last year every day, and he was SO tired, but at least that was the only side effect. Good luck! We still need to get together! My husband found a job in Salt Lake, so I will be moving there next week!