Tuesday, April 6, 2010


When Travis finally spoke with the Dr. today, he was a little concerned about the growth on his ribs. We were hoping it wasn't big enough for him to be worried, but that's not the case.

The Dr. wants him to meet with a radiation Dr. (probably on Thursday) to come up with a plan and see if the radiation will help.

We are nervous about another treatment being done. It seems Travis is finally getting used to the crap he gets from his immunotherepy drugs, and now he may have to start something else.

We are however, excited about the chance that the radiation may shrink, or remove the cancer from that spot. The rib causes him the most pain, and it would be quite nice to have it gone!

Wish us luck in the next few weeks!

And as usual, thanks for caring.


Eileen said...

K. Now I know how to feel. Worried. Much love and hugs from me to you.

Watkins said...

As always, we are thinking of you. Our prayers will be with your family! I know, Hayley, how very difficult it is to see your loving husband go through so much! It can't be explained, only felt. I just wish you didn't have such a heavy load to carry. I send my love!

Candace said...

Oh Hayley. I am hopeful for you guys. I echo what Patsy says, I wish you didn't have such a heavy load to carry. I love you tons.

Trisha said...

I pray everyday.

Miss ~E said...

You always amaze me Hayley. Hang in there, ~E