Wednesday, April 14, 2010

MRI results

Trav's results for his MRI were good. (Thank Goodness!)
Now his results will be sent to a specialist in Salt Lake and we will wait for them to come up with a plan, and we will go from there.

What's new?!

Thanks so much for praying, and crossing toes, fingers, and any crossable body parts! Love you all.


Brittney said...

If anything, you look really hot in that picture. And the one on your regular blog? Not fair. It is so beautiful. I've been meaning to tell you that I absolutely LOVE these pictures of you.

Eileen said...

All I can say, is Cancer SUCKS. I'm so sorry you have to know this first-hand. I can't even begin to imagine all of your thoughts and feelings. I love you. All of you.

I'm glad the MRI was good news. I love good news.

Jared Heather and Taegen Pete Johnstun said...

What hospital are you going to in SLC?

Syndee said...

You are a trooper, and I can't believe you have to deal with all of this. I really wish it was easy but it never is easy right. You are a hero! I hope everything goes well in SLC! Good Luck girl!!!!!!!!