Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another MRI

We were able to meet with the Radiation Dr. today to see if we could come up with a plan for Trav's radiation.

She said that when you get RCC in a bone (like his rib), it's almost certain you will get it in a few areas. (Brain and Spine). Since he had his brain cleared last week, she wants to see what his spine is looking like.

If you remember, he had some pretty bad back pain a while back, but the x-ray made it seem like it was most likely arthritis.

She feels like because of the growth in his rib, and the back pain, it is time to do an MRI on his spine. She thinks that is the best way to see what's really going on.

So Friday, Trav gets yet another MRI.
And we wait.

I'll be honest, I'm bracing myself for bad news this time. She made it pretty clear that she thinks that this is the case, and that if it is there, it has probably been there since we found out the cancer was back, but it was too small to see.

We will hopefully get results on Friday, and then on Monday go to Ogden to get another CAT scan and tattoo's and the radiation plan. If it is in his spine, the Dr. will be able to get him zapped there too.

5 days of high doses.

It's gonna be a loooong couple of months.

And the worst part?
Travis was told golfing is gonna be rough, if not non-existent for the rest of the summer due to his rib hurting pretty badly because of the radiation.

Give the man Stage 4 cancer and he does okay, but tell him golfing is out, and he's a mess. (I kid).

We will keep you posted. And thanks again for always checking in!


Trisha said...

Oh dear, I hope it's good news! We are praying!

Andrea said...

I've been thinking of you, too. I saw that you took Brooke up on her photo class modeling job, the pic she put up today is so cute.

Josh and Kellie said...

I am so sorry. I think about you guys all the time. I know we don't know each other too much but you are in our prayers and we wish you the best of luck. If you ever need any help with your girls I am more then will to help. Jordan would love to play with Addison.

Morrells said...

Love you Hayley!!! Happy thoughts and let's show that doctor that arthritis sucks but, Travis will just have to live with it!!!

Heather Housley said...

Hayley, you are my hero. I know you don't have any choice but to face this, but you are doing it with such grace and courage. I'll watch your girls anytime, mine would love it. Let me help if I can. You are amazing, friend.

Watkins said...

Our thoughts and prayers and love are with you....always!

Michele said...

I saw your blog post on the Action to Cure Kidney Cancer Facebook page. Do you know of the ACOR.org and the kidney cancer listserve there? We have only been dealing with this since Feb...seems like a lifetime already. People like you both are an inspiration to me!
I was wondering if your husband ever had high dose interleukin-2?
Also, I have heard of Zometa for bone mets. And there is also a type of "glue" that can be injected into the damaged bone that kills the cancer and strengthens the bone.
Good luck with everything!

The Gundies said...

This sounds so stupid since I have been following you for some time, but where do you live? Is your location such that I could help with driving or bring you a meal? Maybe I could help with yard work or do some household cleaning? I have a steam cleaner and I could really get some things sanitary in a hurry. I just need to know what I can do to help, please!!!!

The Falkers said...