Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I had planned on waiting till the bone scan results came
back before I posted results,
but I just feel like writing and getting it all on down,
so everyone knows exactly what we are dealing with.

The lungs were stable.
The liver was stable.
The rib was stable.
And there was very minimal growth in his kidney.
 Not an amount that is super worrisome,
but with a very minimal growth there last month as well,
the Dr. is thinking maybe we may have to consider other
treatment options.

Speaking of his treatment,
let me backtrack a bit to last Thursday.
He met with his Dr. and
they came up with a new game plan.
The full dose of Sutent is just too hard on him.
When I wrote last that the quality of life was sucky,
I meant it.
It's beyond writing it down,
and really it's pretty depressing...
so I wont bore you with details,
but he just can't do it anymore.

So after much discussion with other Dr.'s and specialist
they have decided to lessen his dose.

So instead of the full dose now,
he is half dosing it.
Which hopefully will give him some more energy,
less stomach pains,
and up his quality of life a bit.

Okay, so that was as of last Thursday.
Back to the now.
The Dr. is concerned with the fact that on the full dose,
he's had growth in his kidney, and now with a half dose,
that's not gonna improve.
(Remember, he only has the one. It needs to work.)

He wants Trav to continue for this cycle,
and then next month when he goes in for his bone infusion
they will talk about maybe trying another option.

There are very few options left..
so we really want the ones we use to last as long as possible.

Still unsure what the game plan will be,
and wont know for the next month.
And he will continue on this drug for now.

My biggest worry right now is
that they found fluid in his lungs again.
I'm not sure if you remember but he's had this before.
And when we did some research back then,
we found this out as well.

Those days were awful and full of worry.
And sweet relief when we learned it was just plain old fluid.

with that being said,
Please pray that this fluid isn't cancerous.
I have that feeling in the pit of my stomach because
I'm scared.
And really,
it seems likely to me that it is just fluid again.
So I'm gonna believe that all I can until he gets the fluid
drained next week!

Thanks to everyone for checking in.
I sure appreciate the many texts and e-mails
I've received the past few days.

We will keep you posted.
Love to all.


Eileen said...

Thank you for keeping us posted. Those must be hard words to write, let alone live. Good luck with today, and I'm praying for good results there.
And I'm praying for the doctors that make such important decisions for you. And I'm praying that you'll feel the love from the MANY people that are praying for your family.

Mamma K. said...

Praying for you and you family in these very tough times.

Anonymous said...

Gosh... hope all goes well with continued treatment. Hope fluid is just that..."fluid". Love you guys dave & sue