Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Oh ya...
People check this thing.

I forget sometimes and keep getting random
worried texts.

I'm sorry.
Life is BUSY!
It is Christmastime!

Travis ended up getting his fluid 
removed 2 weeks ago Friday.

It was gross and a little painful.
I wont give you details...
but ewwwwwww.

So we spent the weekend waiting.
And a few days into the week,

And then Trav said,
I'm pretty sure they are only gonna
call if it's bad news.

So we've had no call...
so the fluid must be just that,


And we weren't too nervous about the 
bone scan, mostly because
he can sure feel the cancer on his rib.
We assumed if he had it on other bones,
he'd probably know.

So we are gonna enjoy Christmas.
Trav takes his last pill the Christmas Eve Eve,
so we are hoping that he is able to feel well enough 
to enjoy Christmas.
We will be taking it easy,
but doesn't that sound lovely?
Taking it easy at home with the kids for a few days!

We are excited.

He will get a Bone infusion just after Christmas and 
he and The Dr. will discuss treatment options.

I am discouraged and sad that it's already time for a change,
but hopeful that the next drug will be the one.
And maybe the side effects wont be so bad.

Thanks to all who have been texting and calling.
I'm sorry I neglected the old blog.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Eileen said...

You are right. People DO check this blog!
Thanks for updating all the people that love you.

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