Thursday, November 29, 2012

Blood Infusion, CAT Scan, and Bone Scan time.

Travis had a bone infusion today,
and was able to discuss how he's progressing
with the Dr.

Sidenote: The good Dr. has started calling him 
'Professor' because of the beard.
I like it.

Travis told him how awful the past few months
have been,
and gave him the long list of side effects and talked
at length about the quality of life with this drug.

Like, the fact that

We both just can't imagine him doing many
more full 4 week rounds of this.
It's just so hard for him to crawl out of bed,
and really, he hasn't felt even remotely decent for weeks.
It's weighing on him, and all of us.

With that in mind- we are making some decisions
on whether to lower his dose to 35 mg from 50,
or to try 3 weeks on, 1 off,
or even 2 on, 1 off.
That is still undecided,
but hopefully we will make a choice soon.

He is going in tomorrow to get a blood infusion,
which we are both happy about.
I'm praying it will give him an extra boost before
the next round starts.
And maybe we will have a good weekend!

Tuesday he will get his CAT scan.
Yep, we are scared.

Thursday he will get a bone scan.
It's been a long time since he's had one,
so he's due.
And yep, scared for that too.

Those days are days I wouldn't wish on my worst enemies.
And my stomach drops when I think about them.

Say a little prayer for him.
Thanks again to everyone for everything.

All these dinners with desserts are really killing my waistline,
but they sure taste good!


Tess Winger said...

Praying for the best Hayley! Thank you for keeping the blog updated, even though it's hard- it helps those of us praying to know best what we should pray for. Love from the Wingers

Eileen said...

Dearest friend,
I hate cancer. It sucks! I wish it was never invented. I wish it never invited itself into your life.
Much love,

Linda said...

So sorry! Prayers for a good weekend and great scan results! You guys deserve a break! Love you!

Watkins said...

Dear sweet Hayley,
We are praying for Travis and for you! I hope the blood infusion helps with his energy and that next week's tests will have good results. I only wish I could help take away the horrible worry that comes with scan time. I know it is almost more than you can bare. Sending our love and prayers your way.

Kristin @ Navy Bean Lane said...

((LOVES)) ... just know that I think about you ... constantly. And know that you are strong, and can do hard things. Keep on keepin on :)

Billye Sue said...

Oooooooodles of hugs!!