Friday, March 30, 2012

A week later

we've been home a week.
And I think we both are
starting to feel more like
ourselves again.

I knew that going to Salt Lake
would be hard on Travis,
but had no idea how stinking tired it
would make me too!

But it's so nice to be home,
surrounded by our
dear friends,
great family members...
and our bed.
OH boy, we missed you bed.

Travis is doing ok.
If you remember,
before we went to start round 1
he was really struggling.
He was in a lot of pain,
and just felt really off.
And then he had the
reoccurring fever.
And that darn fever
made his sweat.
A lot.
Making him not sleep all.

While we were there they
ran test,
after test,
after test,
to see if he had some sort of
but everything seemed to look fairly normal,
so we were hoping
he'd come home and the fevers would stop
and he'd feel a bit better.

Sadly though,
the fever is still here and
the only explanation for it is cancer.

That being said,
he's figuring out how to manage it
a bit better and has worked out a way to
get a little more sleep and less sweats.
So while it's not perfect,
he is sleeping a bit more.

His pain level seems to be a bit
better then it was before,
and that is really good.
It's still there, but not
near as persistent and unbearable.

He seems to feel pretty terrible in the mornings.
(I call it his morning sickness).
He throws up and has to take it easy,
but then after he relaxes a bit
he's able to got to work for a good chunk of the day.

He also is eating a bit more then before.
Not a lot...
but more.

And with all the delicious dinners we've
been brought- he's been well fed!

I think each day he is getting
more energy, and less swollen.
And he's starting to feel more like himself.
It's just so nice to be home!

We have been beyond
overwhelmed with love the past week.
I've had a hard time sleeping because my
head just swirls when I think of what people
have done for us, and because I'm so grateful
for the people we have in our lives.

I feel like because of how well taken care of we
are, we both feel uplifted and stronger,
and ready to go back on the 9th.

Oh boy.

Thank you all.
Saying that isn't enough,
but I hope you understand how heartfelt it is.


The Fluckiger Family said...

I am glad to hear that things are starting to get back to normal again and that you are both getting much needed sleep. I am also grateful for your neighbors and friends taking care of you--don't question it, you are so deserving of it. Love you guys!

Melissa Hernandez said...

You guys are one amazing family! Seriously I would love to help any way I can. I know our girls don't know each other well, but they would have so much fun playing together! Anytime you need help I would love to help. Keep your chins held are such a great example to all of us reading your blog!