Thursday, March 1, 2012

2 weeks....

Today was a VERY long day
and the last big prep day
before our trip to the
happiest place on Earth...
and then our stint in
what I'm picturing to be
unhappiest place on Earth.

We stayed downtown in Salt Lake last night
because we had to be at Huntsman at 7:45 this morning.
We both loved that we got to drive right in the blizzard
on the trip down.

Here's our view from my icy windshield as we left for the hospital.

Our First stop was at Huntsman where they took
vitals, blood, and filled Trav with fluids to help
protect his kidney for the CT scan.
That took about an hour
leaving us with about 5 minutes to make
the 10 minute drive to the place where the CT scan was.

We then wasted an hour and a half exploring
the Cancer Institute. We figured we better get comfy
with that place! If your wondering,
I found my favorite nook
on the 6th floor and we both dozed there
for a minute.

Then T went to get an shot to prepare him for his bone scan.
Afterwards we had a few hours to waste till the actual scan.
We headed to Whole Foods to grab a small bite to eat
and had to laugh at how many people lunch their
with their MacBooks.
Like how we pretended I was taking a pic
of T so I could really capture the awesomeness of it all?

We still had quite a while to waste so Trav and I
browsed around Trolley Square and ran into this sign.
We went upstairs so we could see the movie scenes
playing out below and saw Tori Spelling filming a
Christmas movie.
I was pretty bummed they wouldn't let
me take a picture.
(I can freely admit my love of 90210 in my younger years.)Wow...I should really focus on the cancer stuff
on this blog cause I guess that's what your hear to read...

Back to it.
We went back and Trav got his Bone scan
and I spent an hour napping again on the 6th floor.
And then we headed to meet with our new Doctor
and get results and finalize our plans.

Usually when Trav gets a scan they compare them
to his previous scans to see if there has been any growth.
This time, they didn't do that.
They really just wanted a base line scan
to use to compare to his next scans after the first round of
IL-2. I was really worried about the scans this time
being that he hasn't had any treatments in 3 weeks.
I kept picturing the Dr. telling us that the cancer was
everywhere. I gave myself a good scare.

We read the scans though and it looks like things are fairly
similar to our last scans. There might be small changes but
nothing that jumped out at us and looked too worrisome.

Travis also went down a few weeks ago to get
some heart tests done and an infusion of
a bone strengthener.

The Dr. checked the scans from today
and tests from last week, labs, stats, and deemed him worthy
to begin everything on the 12th, though they were a little concerned
that Travs white count was high and they can't really see a reason for it,
they still think he will be fine to start.

So we are bracing and preparing for it all to begin.
And man, it's scary!

Our beautiful and amazing ward family
is fasting for us this Sunday.
Words cannot express our gratitude
to our ward for the support they've given
us over the past few years.
They bring dinner more often then we deserve.
They shovel sidewalks, mow lawns.
They help me out whenever I'm in need,
and always give Trav encouraging words.

We are so grateful to be near them,
and so grateful for all they do for us.

Many of you have asked how you can help,
and we'd love to have you join the fast if you'd like.
And feel free to pray.

Also, if your child is a friend
of our little ladies, we'd sure appreciate it
if you wouldn't let them know how really
scary this treatment is. We've told our kids
he wont feel great, and that we will be
away for a while each time,
but feel they don't really need to spend
the weeks in total fear.
It's a big enough change as it is.
They hear a lot from their friends who've had
relatives battle cancer and it really worries them
at times.
We are so grateful to their friends and
their parents for treating our kids like their own.

Trav is able to have visitors during the
treatment weeks if he feels up to it.
If you want to come,
let us know.
I have a feeling we will
both really appreciate it during
the monotony of it all!

Thank you all in advance for helping us
make things run smoothly.
We've had to mix up carpools,
make people take days off of work,
make teachers aware of everything
and I realize that this affects so much more then
our little family.
Thanks to our families for being willing
to drop whatever they have to to help.
I have a feeling between my mom and
Trav's, the ladies wont want us to come home!
Thank you to everyone who has jumped in to help.

We are overwhelmed with love and kindness.
And nerves.
And terror.
(I kid.)
Not really, but kinda.

PS-You should go here and help if you can.
Adam was one of my dear friends in high school,
in fact-he took me driving before my own parents did. ;)
And he is a pretty amazing person, who married someone
who seems just beautiful and so strong to me.
And they are part of our ugly cancer club.
She is battling hers for the 3rd time and
is in need of a BMT.
And their story is lovely.
Make sure to watch the video
cause it's just beautiful.
They could use some good vibes and prayers headed their way.

PSS-Love to all.


Amber Culp Family said...

Thanks for the update! You guys are amazing as you prepare to "go into battle." We love you, Enjoy your vacation, I hope it is llloooonnnnggg.

Watkins said...

Our prayers are with you! You are dealing with things that we can't even comprehend. Telling us about it is one thing, but living it is another. Please know that the Watkins are thinking of you and are amazed with your strength through such a difficult journey. You will be in our prayers and thoughts through it all. Love to you.

Enjoy your vacation!

Becca said...

Have a great vacation! I am praying for you and your cute Travis! If I can ever help with your little girls let me know....

Hiatts said...

Lots of hugs your way! and lots of prayers too. Have fun on the vacation!

Courtney Guymon said...

What an adventure awaits! Just focus on the fun one right now, or try to at least! Just remember you've got an army behind you to help with the next adventure. Please remember you can use us.

Trisha said...

We love you guys and are backing you with everything we've got. I would love to help with anything.

Brittney said...

Oh Hay, I LOVE YOU! I can't make you dinner (which I hate), your girls can't just come on over to play (that really stinks), but for sure we are always praying for you. And I KNOW that truly is the best thing I can do for you. I am so so grateful you are surrounded by so many amazing people. I have a feeling they would say thank you to you for letting them help you. Sometimes we need to be able to help as much as we need to be helped. Have a magical trip! LOVE LOVE YOU.