Sunday, April 8, 2012

Here. We. Go. Again.

how has it been 2 weeks already?

I'm sitting here full of dread
because we had to say goodbye to
those lovely ladies of ours tonight,
so we can head back down to Huntsman
for a week tomorrow.

We hate saying goodbye to those girls!
Have you seen them?
They are adorable.
And they hug real good.
And they smile a lot.

And we miss them already.

did you read our post about our first week
at Huntsman?
Well then you understand
why the stomach full of dread.

it's happening.
And we can't do anything about it.

We are praying.
That this week is better then our last
experience and just praying for it to FLY by!

We cannot express our gratitude for
how taken care of we are.
I write that every time,
but it always astounds us,
and it's never ending.

I cannot keep up on the thank you cards.
We hope you know how deep our gratitude goes.

Wish us luck!
Love to all.


Eileen said...

Oh how I pray that this week goes much better than last time. Better for both of you. Love and hugs. Please keep us updated. We all love updates.

Brittney said...

Love Love you! Praying extra hard for a good week. Keep it up, you are AWESOME.

Anonymous said...

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