Friday, April 20, 2012

{Another week later}

we've been home for a week
from our 'vacation' to Huntsman.

We are fans of home.
It's wonderful to be here!

Many of you have sent e-mails wondering
how Travis is feeling.

He's doing OK.

Still battling the raging
fever that wont die.
 And his mornings are rough.
He's battling quite
the case of the 'morning sickness'.
 And his energy isn't all back yet...
but he's getting there.

Each day he goes to work a little earlier.
And I think each night he has a little more energy.

And I really feel like with another week he will
start feeling a bit more like himself again.

Scans are set for May 10th.
And I don't want to even think about it yet.
It's scary.

We are praying for some good changes in the scan.
Cause good changes means 2 more weeks of
living the dream life at Huntsman.
(How sad that we are praying for 2 more weeks of hell!)

If the changes aren't good,
then we choose a different route.

So keep your fingers crossed.
And any other crossable body parts.

We are Eternally grateful to everyone for their kindness to us.
I may never catch up on Thank you cards.

Our dear, dear friends have put this together for our family.
We have no words to express how awed we are
for all the hard work they've done for us
and the hours they've put in to make it a special day for us.
It's a weird feeling to see your family on one of these posters,
and we'd trade it if we could...
with that being said, I'm fairly certain we
were given this challenge because we have the support system
to help us deal with all that comes along with it.

We are so very-very humbled, grateful, thankful, and blessed.


Brittney said...

Oh Hay, if you only knew how BAD I want to be there for that. I get little tears just thinking of how much you are loved. I am so so grateful for amazing people you are surrounded by. I will definitely be thinking of you!

Dutson House Happenings said...

I've been following your cancer blog for awhile and wishing there were some way that we could help! I just remember working with you two back in the day at ICON and thought you guys were great. We will try to be there to support you for this event that your friends set up!

You guys are great, I am always in awe when I read your blog at what a positive attitude you have :)

Eileen said...

I can't wait for the FUNdraiser! It's gonna be so. . . . . . . . . . . . FUN!!!

Unknown said...

Way to stay strong! I knew that it was bad, but I hadn't really been able to hear exactly what he'd been going through until I read this blog. You and Travis are so strong and keep moving forward! The Lord will stay with you the entire way and I am already guessing miracles have happened already. All my love and prayers!

-Elizabeth (one of your prayful and favorite :) YW)