Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Blood.

Travis went in yesterday to get his shot and a blood transfusion.
Another day of sitting in the room with people much older then him, and us wondering 'how did we get here?'
And another day for poor T to spend just sitting in the hospital.
2 hours on Thursday.
5.5 hours on Friday.

He's a lucky, lucky man. ;)

Things went well though, and I think his coloring is much improved.
And he went golfing today and felt like a little bit of his power was back, and that my friends,
is very good news.

The anemia is caused by his medicine, not really by lack of something in his diet. The hope is that now he will be boosted up to his normal self, and stay that way. We don't really want him to have to get more transfusions if we can help it.

Thursday he will go in for another x-ray to see if that darned fluid is back, so I will let you all know as things progress.

Thanks for checking in.
It's always appreciated!


Eileen said...

I love updates. I love you guys.

Chanelle said...

I guess that's good that the anemia is caused by his medicine and not something else, right? And I'm glad he got some well deserved golf in this weekend too. I love to hear things like that.

The Falkers said...


Haylee Munk Brown said...

I am glad he is getting some energy back!! Hope all goes well with the next phase!!

Don't worry about being busy last week when I was in town. I will be there again :) Also, FYI Audrey's scan on her kidney's came back good. They couldn't find any tumors!! yay!!

Amy F. said...

Oh Kidman family! You are amazing and inspiring. Why, and more "why's" will always cross my mind, but I know you've accepted it. You'll help so many more people just through this blog that may go through similar trials themselves someday or are currently going through trials.
Ya, I'd say he's a trooper!