Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another Thursday Report.

For the love.

I'm sick of this blog.
I mean, I love you all,
but my goal is to not have to write on this blog, for like, a week.
I wont miss it.

Is that too much to ask?

Trav went in for his treatment today, and his blood work looks worse.
He's pretty anemic.
I guess for the past 4 weeks his blood work has looked progressively worse.

The Dr. actually asked if he was feeling really tired, and when Trav said he was doing OK the Doc told him he is "tougher then he thought."

So now Trav is feeling a little bit like he's Superman. I mean, to hear that he is tough from a Doctor is good stuff.

Tomorrow he has to go in and get a blood transfusion and a shot of procrit. They are hoping to get him back to his 'just below normal' self.

He gets to spend 4 hours at the hospital.
Don't be jealous.

We both are really hoping this will help him get some energy back.
And honestly, we are both feeling a little sick of the weekly stress that keeps on coming.
Feeling a little knocked down and just hoping that next week things look a little better.

I want to add that for all the crap I give him, I think he's Superman too. To know that he must be just exhausted each day, and to still work full time, take care of the kids and me, and have such a good attitude about it all makes me love him even more.

He's a good man. And he could use your prayers, and good vibes.
Thanks in advance!


Debbie said...

When my husband, Bryan, got a transfusion (two units) it took about 8 hours. It seemed like slow motion. (He has stage 4 mRCC and is still doing great due to Sutent.) Transfusion did give him more energy and color.

Melissa said...

Prayers are the least we can do, for sure!! Can, I help any other way...if you ever need to drop your cute girls off, we are seriously just down the street and my girls would love to play with them!!!

Watkins said...

We hope the transfusion gets his blood back where it needs to be, so he can feel better. Thoughts of love and many prayers are coming to you from our house.

Trisha said...

Oh geez. I want to do more for you!

Angie Migliori said...

Hi Hayley. Have you heard of Sher Anderson in North Logan? She teaches nutrition classes. She has helped A LOT of people with anemia. She used to be a nurse and she is super smart. She is always so nice to help anyone who calls her. Just thought I would let you know. Let me know if you want her phone #. I hope things start getting better for you guys.

Kristin said...

So I am really hopeing that the transfusion helps boost his energy . . . Jackie had one on monday and has noticed a big difference! Good luck :)