Friday, August 20, 2010

A Little Update:

I'm sick of updating this blog, and longing for the days when we were just hanging out, pretending T wasn't sick, and getting decent scans.

Isn't it just so sad, and slightly pathetic when you long for they days of just plain old stage 4 cancer?

Here's the latest.
Trav went in for his x-ray yesterday, and today we learned that there is no new fluid in his pluera.

But because Trav is a drama queen who is really enjoying all this attention, he had to go and throw another question mark into the mix, and I'm unsure if we should be worried, or not.

He is really anemic.
Which I believe is normal for most cancer patients, but not normal for T.
Usually he is slightly, but right now it sounds pretty bad.

Today they are running some blood work and I think they are hoping to figure out why.
I'm hoping it's just a fluke, and they can give him a shot, and it will be no biggie.

We will see I guess.
I'm hoping the Dr. will call today, but he may not till tomorrow. I will update as soon as I know anything.

He will have another x-ray on his chest in 2 weeks to check his pleura again.

And tonight I will be feeding him steak. ;)

Thanks for everything!


Eileen said...


I hate that Travis has cancer.

I hate that you are wishing for ONLY stage 4 cancer again.

I love you.


And I wish you would make it so I don't have to type FLUCVTQ
(word verification)

Guymon Family said...

I'm lovin the no fluid news, and the iron is just another bump in the road right! I guess the man upstairs is the one paving the dang thing, maybe we can trust what he's doing. BUT A FEW LESS BUMPS WOULD BE NICE! I'll put in a request.

not to copy Eileen but the confirmation word is Blestin (blessed in). Mad lib coincidence? I think not!

Trisha said...

I talked to a nurse at the cancer center the other day and she was singing praises to your family! I am proud to be your friend!

Chanelle said...

I am so impressed at how positive you've remained through all these scary moments, and if you have days where you are just tired of being so upbeat, then that would make you, well.... human. I love your ability to smile and enjoy life in spite of this huge obstacle, and to dance in the rain. You are one amazing family. You guys have our continual prayers!