Monday, November 11, 2013

Capturing the moments

Today marks a month since Trav passed away.
It's so strange to think I haven't heard his voice in a month.
We've never gone a full day without talking before this.
I sure miss his voice.
That being said,
today I've taken Sienna to the Dr. (Strep).
Ran to the store to get medicine.
Made a desperate run for Diet Coke.
Did some laundry.
Snuggled my Roo.
And have watched a few too many episodes of 
Austin & Ally.
(So sad. So true).

It's been just another day,
and I'm grateful for that.
I feel blessed to be a mother.
I feel blessed to have a cozy house.
And I feel blessed that I had a love that really can carry me through all of this.
We are doing ok.
 We miss him,
but we aren't sitting around crying.

He'd surely cuss me out for that in the future when we meet again.
(I have a few things I can't wait to ask him.  The list grows longer each day.)

I thought I'd post some of the lovely images caught
by some of my dear friends during the week of the funeral.
Thank you Eileen, Jenny, and Kelly.
You ladies are so talented!

My dear friend (and really family), 
Tami set up the display for the viewing.
It was a beautiful tribute.
 My friend Courtney designed the programs.
I thought they were so beautiful.

My beautiful sister-in-law and handsome brother.
I adore these two.
 Sienna and her teacher.
Adyson's teacher came also.
They have wonderful teachers this year who are so aware
of each and every need.  I adore them.
 Trav's lovely sisters, Michelle and Tiffany
 Larry and Lorraine,
Trav's parents.
 My sisters, Amy and Heather.
I was quite nervous for the viewing and these two
promised to watch over me like a hawk.
And they took that job seriously.
They didn't leave my side and carried me through the night.
They are my best friends.
 Me and my gorgeous Roo.
 A few of my idols,
Julie Redd and my Aunt Sue
 My gorgeous niece, Breje. 
how did she get so old?
 Heather will hate me for posting this,
but it's the only pic of Adyson and I at the viewing.
I'm so proud of the grace my girls have.
They are amazing.

The night before the funeral some of my wonderful friends
hung these gorgeous orange bows all around the church.
It was a lovely gesture.

And have you ever seen a cooler hearse?
Yes, that's a TRAVSTRONG sticker.
This made the ladies day.
 This picture.
It makes me tear up just looking at it.
Me, comforting the girls,
while my dad, brother, and father in law comfort me.
I adore this photo.
The Pallbearers. 
Larry, Devin, Mike, Cody, Ron, Jody

The ladies let go of orange balloons and sent a promise up to Daddy.

 My everything.

I also really love this picture.
My sister-in-law Amy and I.
The week Trav passed away Amy pretty much took care of me.
Afterwards she knew I would need a clean house,
so she cleaned it.
She knew I'd need a big Diet Coke,
so she'd buy it.
I adore her.
 Candace and Julie, some of my dearest friends.
 Devin, Trav's Brother.

 My mom bought the girls and all of their girl cousins these beautiful orange 
necklaces to wear.
So sweet and a treasure.
 Some of my favorite friends.
 These amazing men were in the Bishopric with Travis.
They will never know the influence they had on him.
He loved each and every one of them.
 My parents.
No words for how much I adore them.
They are here before I ask and would do anything for me.
I love them, and know how loved I am by them.
And am so grateful they love Travis like they do.
 This one breaks my heart a bit.
 Adyson and her best friend Lexi.
Our girls have beautiful friends.
I am so grateful to them!
 The cousins, sans Lucy who was. not. having. it.
 My brother Cody and I.
Travis was Cody's best friend and Cody has taken his role of taking care of us very seriously.
I never would have thought when we were kids that we would be so close.
I love him.
 This one. 
It's another killer.
My brother-in-law Jody and I.
 Dale and Gloria Jensen
Dale spoke at the funeral,
and did a beautiful job.
One of Trav's dearest friends.
 The Mullens.
Our best friends.
Kevin also spoke and did a wonderful job.
Beautiful flowers from my family.

And the luncheon afterwards,
put on by my ward and an army of friends.
Please excuse the way I look in ALL of these photos.
I can assure you I felt even worse then I looked, 

Candace, Julie, Katie, Me, Kristin
 Ate and Johanna,
My lovely grandparents.
 The Wolfley Clan
 Eileen And Steph,
some of my favorite friends.
 Lorraine and I
About a week (or 2? It's a big blur!)
after Trav passed away,
the girls' school held TRAVSTRONG day.
A day where all the kids wore orange 
and they let of balloons in Trav's honor.
All this to support my kids.
Have I mentioned I live in an amazing community?
This is why we can do it...
because our support is overwhelming!
It was a beautiful day!


Mortons Love said...

Not much to say here, other than those are beautiful priceless photos! Amazing! XOXO

Becca said...

Beautiful post......hugs