Thursday, March 14, 2013


Results from the latest scan came back today,
and they aren't good.

There was growth pretty much everywhere,
making it pretty obvious that the current drug isn't doing 
any good. There isn't any new spots, and that, at 
least is good news.

While in my gut, I knew this drug wouldn't work,
hearing it and facing it is really hard.

We are running low on options,
and the ones left seem
hard to get,
hard to pay for,
hard to live with.
Bless Trav's heart.  He just doesn't feel good.

We are trying to figure out our next step.
A clinical trial would be the best and smartest move 
for us, but Huntsman isn't currently doing any that fit the bill.
So we are looking at out of state options,
and will be figuring out if there is any possible way to make it happen.

I'm doubtful, but hopeful.

We are also thinking about a drug that isn't approved for RCC,
but will be eventually, and it looks promising for 
heavily treated patients (Trav), and bone mets (also Trav).

Friends we have made through the RCC world, 
The Battle Family,
are currently using this drug (CABO) 
and have written about it here.

We would have to find a way  to get it,
and pay for it, and it all seems impossible,
till I realize that they have done it,
so maybe we can too.
 And they have made it clear they will help us
figure out the loopholes.

We also are wondering if re-challenging the drug that 
worked so well, for almost 4 years,
is worth a shot. 

It feels a bit like we are grasping at straws. 
And we dislike it immensely.

In all of the research I've been doing,
and with the help of people about 800x more knowledgeable
then I,
we've also learned  how rare it is for RCC to happen in both

From what we've read, 
the second tumor is a metastases, but a second primary.

 This usually means there is a gene causing it.
This means that he may have a genetic disorder that has 
caused the cancer in the first place,
and we need to know if he does,
and what exactly it is,
in order to know if our kids could also possess it.

I mean, 
when it rains!

We are looking into going to NIH in Maryland,
a hospital that we don't have to pay!
that will be able to tell us all about it,
and diagnose him and possibly have treatment options available
to us.

Right now,
I wish we were East coast living people.
Because the options seem to be primarily over there,
and not here.

It sucks feeling up in the air without a clue
what to do next.
But we will figure it all out as quickly as possible.
And pray and hope and pray some more for the best.
 As always, 
Thanks for checking in.

Feel free to leave a comment telling Travis how amazing he is.
That man of mine, he works full time,
is a fantastic husband and father,
and he is very sick,
and doesn't feel well.
Let him know that I'm not the only one who feels this way.


The Fluckiger Family said...

You are both some of the most amazing, strong and faithful(not to mention, some of my favorite) people I have ever met. I am constantly borrowing strength and faith from you, for help with my miniscule problems. Many prayers will be coming your way. Love you both so much.

Matthew Mitton said...

Hey Travis, Long time no see, You know I wanted to say this for a long time. I often think about you and your family how your doing. When we were working together, you were a great person that I looked up to, knowing that your at work every day and in good spirits. That was nice and cool thing to see. I hope and pray for you and your family for the best. Keep your head and kick some ass. Have a great day! your Friend Matt Mitton. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Trav. I'm sorry you guys are going through this. But knowing you all of these years, you'll fight this and come out on top. You're one of the strongest guys I know. God doesn't give weak people trials like this. It seems to always be the good ones. The strong ones. You can do it buddy. Let me know if I can help in any way. Neil.

Courtney Guymon said...

I am continually in awe at the strength of both of you. To watch Travis grin and bear it is nothing short of Herculean. We will all be praying for you to find the answers, direction, and peace that you need. You have hundreds of people who are behind you to do whatever it takes! Hugs and prayers from the Guymons!

Anonymous said...

Travis----it has been years but never will I forget my favorite friend who lived "behind" me. Was even better when we found the hole in the fence!! I think of you often and pray for you along with your family. You are an example of strength and I know you have many cheerleaders here and in heaven. Sending love and healing thoughts. Tami Belew Knight

Mary McBride said...

Haylee, you are awesome. Enough said. Prayers for all of you.

Watkins said...

Travis, you are an inspiration to us. You and Hayley are both in our thoughts and in our prayers each day. We will continue with many prayers for you as you work through this next hurdle. Please know that you and your family are loved!

Natalie Rose said...

Travis, just wanted you to know that we are thinking of you and yours. You're a warrior, no doubt about it. We just wish you weren't fighting this particular war. Stay strong, as we know you will.

Much Love,
Robert and Natalie Rose

Trisha said...

You are such an amazing man and I pray everyday that you and your family will be blessed. We support and love you guys very much!

Superlace Mom said...

What an amazing example of faith and strength you and your family are. We love you all from the bottom of our hearts and pray continually for you.

Love the Abbott family

Mindy Marchant said...

Travis and Hayley,

I think about you everyday. I wish they have you a crystal ball along with the cancer diagnosis. We could make decisions lickity split. No wondering what meds to use what dr. To go to, and how in the world can we make this work while raising beautiful children... I suppose we do have a crystal ball... It takes a lot of faith and prayer to use it. We keep you in our prayers and have faith that miracles happen. You will be guided to know what is best. You are amazing Travis. It's such a huge fight and you are such an amazing fighter! And you are amazing too Hayley. know this can be taxing as I watch Paul take care of me. Keep fighting !!! We are cheering you on!!!

Rebecca said...

I have never met you and your amazing family before, but have been following your journey for some time. Your trials pull at my heartstrings and I am so thrilled when things seem to going better. I can't begin to imagine how hard it must be to get up, feeling miserable, tired, and overwhelmed... trudging into work to support your family, financially and emotionally. What a remarkable man you are. What am amazing wife, to inspire such a man. I pray and think of your sweet family often. Cancer has plagued my family several times, and it is such a precarious battle. Keep fighting(as if you would do anything else) and know that a family in Lehi is on your side!

Jill Drysdale said...

Hayley Hayley I have no words but you are all loved and I think we could pull together an awesome fundraiser to help with whatever treatment option you find. Keep your spirits up and remember God is always watching over your sweet Family even when it feels like he can't be. Love you lots.

Mortons Love said...

Well first...sorry!!! Sorry for the obvious and sorry I didn't know (never again). I sure wish for about 3000 things but mostly that your answer could be handed to you. Your future secured. Your minded rested ( at least for a while). As everyone has said already, you are both at the top of the most amazing and inspiring people! Keep fighting the fight!! It sounds like you are. Let the angels around you hold you up for a while. You need a rest. Let me be one of them. Please. I would love to help in anyway possible. This is not a hollow offer.

Also if you decide to move to the east coast :) I'm coming too. All the best and most cutting edge research is done by cardiologists at Harvard medical.

Dutson House Happenings said...

Thanks for updating, I wondered about you guys all day yesterday and today. Hopefully you can get to Maryland and good things will await you there! You guys are great and I'm always amazed at how gracefully you are handling all of this.


Hayley I check in on your blog regularly to see how your sweet family is doing. Tonight as I read your post my eyes filled up with tears. You are a brave lady and I so admire that about you. I can't imagine what your going through but, I can tell you from personal experience that prayers are answered. Our family will continue to pray for you, Travis and your sweet girls. You are in my thoughts. Stay strong.
Jackie (Sparks) Flaherty

Hannah Bechtel said...

Travis, anyone that can put up with Hayley and battle cancer at the same time is an amazing man . . . (I kid, I kid)!! You two are a living testimony of 1 Thessalonians 5:16 . . . "Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus"! We'll keep praying that you keep fighting, and trust God for His best solution to come your way.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hayley and Trav,
Prayers, prayers and more prayers go your way!!!! May God bless you as you move forward in this difficult journey. One thing I DO know is that God is in the details of our lives!
Much love,
Wendy Western

Brittney said...

WE LOVE THE KIDMAN'S! You are absolutely amazing. I wish so bad I could find words that I am looking for right now, but just can't. Know that if I could send my heart over to you right now it would include more love than you know. Always always in our prayers. Loves and more loves.

Tara said...

I wish I would have been on here earlier and read up before I saw you at the store the other day. So sorry you guys are going through this. I know how amazing and strong you and Trav are! My thoughts and prayers for you guys and your beautiful family.