Tuesday, February 19, 2013

{A little update}

So those 3 day a weeks shots didn't last long.

That husband of mine is a trooper,
but seriously, 
those shots just did him in and there was no possible way
to live,
and have any quality of life with the EPIC flu 3 days a week.

He opted for once a week instead,
and for few weeks that seemed to be ok.
It didn't make for a good weekend though.
Friday nights the flu would begin and all day
Saturday and Sunday he would be pretty miserable.
The ladies and I disappear for the day on Saturday
and tip toe around the house in hopes he can catch up
on sleep.  His little ladies are pretty awesome care givers.

And really even on Monday when he'd drag himself to work,
he wasn't feeling great.

The fatigue has just been so hard for so long that
getting over that flu feeling doesn't come easy.

After meeting with his Doctor last week they opted
to take a small break from the shot till we scan and see how things
are progressing.  He is still getting injections.

It's not the most aggressive thing for us to do,
and being aggressive is extremely important,
but I think getting Trav's health back to a place where
he can really fight is more important first.

 He hasn't had any appetite and feels miserable most of the time.
So we are setting a goal to make progress there-scan-and see what happens next
I feel good about it.

He's taking some medicine to improve his appetite and I'm 
constantly feeding him, or trying at least!

We've been reading about how Sutent can affect the thyroid,
and just today they checked and found that indeed, 
his thyroid wasn't doing it's job...like at all...so he will get that in working order
and I'm very hopeful that will be a huge step in the right direction.
 It explains so much why he's been feeling the way he has.

We are still so grateful to the village that is currently taking care of us.
From meals, to little gifts on our doorsteps, to kind notes and texts.
I often feel very much like a burden on my friends because they do so much for me.

Thank you.  It's so nice to feel loved and taken care of.
Scan in 3 weeks.
I plan on starting the praying now.



Eileen said...

Thanks for the update. Hugs and love.

I love the army of people that love you. And pray for you. I feel their strength, just from reading about them.

You really are loved!

Watkins said...

Thanks for the update, Hayley. We care so much for you and your family. You are continually in our prayers. Love to you all!

Jamie said...

Sending constant prayers your way Hayley! I think about you guys all the time and hope for the best for your sweet family! Love you!

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