Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Thank you all for your kind thoughts and words from my last post.
We always are amazed at the support we have.
We feel very loved.

The past few weeks have been hard.
Trying to figure out the best approach for treatment is tough.
We have been back and forth trying to make a decision.

We decided to pursue a drug called CABO.
(Really Cabozantinib).
How mean to call this drug CABO.
I mean,
We'd much rather be basking in the sun IN CABO
then taking this drug called CABO.
Mean I say.

We've never even been to Cabo.

(Sad face.)

Ok. Enough about our lack of fun filled Mexican Vacations.

CABO isn't approved for RCC.
But for those who have used it,
it has given them good results.
Read this.
And more  here.
That makes us hopeful.
Ive been corresponding with Chris' wife Dena
for a few months now,
and they've also talked to their Dr.
about our case, and pursuing this seemed the right option.
We are so lucky to have a Dr. who listened and ran with it,
despite maybe being a little nervous to prescribe something we don't know 
much about. 
Getting it approved by the insurance took some time.
And work by the Dr.'s office, I'm sure.
(Big Thank you to them).
So as of today,
after one HEFTY co-pay,
the CABO is on it's way.
 We are ready to start something,
it's been too long without anything. 
And I'm terrified.
This drug isn't gonna be a walk in the park.
We expect a lot of the same side effects that he has with Sutent.
And that was rough.
But Trav wants to keep fighting,
and is ready to face all that comes along with it.
I married a good man.
I daresay he's better then most.
(I'm biased so I'll just say better then all...)
Despite how hard the past few weeks have been emotionally,
Trav's felt semi-decent.
He's been able to have a few really good days mixed in with the bad.
We cherish those good days!
Today, for some reason, 
he's been extremely miserable with a stomach and headache.
Hoping he will recover quickly!
Please pray for him to do well on this drug.
Pray his body can handle the toxicity.
Pray the Dr.'s can know the correct dose for him.
Pray the girls can still feel we live in a happy home.
Pray I can manage to give them all what they need!
Sure love and appreciate our huge care giving family.
Travstrong! :) 


Watkins said...

We will pray for all of those things!! Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your beautiful family. You are all amazing!

Eileen said...

I love that photo. And I love the people in that photo, even more!

Amber Culp Family said...

Love you!!

Amber Culp Family said...

Love you!!

Grandmajoann said...

We do love you and we do pray every night for you guys. It doesn't seem like much to do with all you have on your shoulders, but it is all WE can do. And HE is the one who can help you most. Good luck.

Grandmajoann said...

We love you guys. And we do pray for you every night. It seems that that is all WE can do. But He is the one who can help you most, so we will continue. Good luck.

Haylee Munk Brown said...

Love you and pray for you always!!!

Mary Kaye Olsen said...

You guys are amazing and you are in my thoughts and prayers daily.

Jamie said...

Praying & praying! Love you Hayley!