Thursday, October 27, 2011


Another day of
nail biting,
binge eating,
dt. coke drinking,
snappy mothering..

The scan went well.
Nothing has changed.
Trav said to the Dr.
"Looks great then!"
And the Dr. (in jest) replied
"If it looked great, you wouldn't be here."
We love that Dr. of ours, and Trav's quite
happy he got him to crack such a funny joke.

And now we can move into the
Holiday season without even
thinking about cancer.

We love to live in blissful denial!

I keep thinking that we shouldn't get
so worked up each and every time,
but it's awful.
Every time.

And I've been wondering if anyone actually
reads this old blog,
but today I had SO many of you
send e-mails and texts.
I just wanted to express our gratitude,
once again.

We have very, very dear friends.
See ya in January.


Watkins said...

I am so glad the results are good and that you can enjoy the holiday time. I have been checking the blog all day anticipating your update! So, So happy for the good news!

Eileen said...

You are just the cutest thing ever. And I mean EVER! You and Travis belong together. Forever!

Courtney Guymon said...

That is such fantastic,wonerful news,what a blessing! I'm sure you'll be resting much easier tonight.