Sunday, October 23, 2011


It's scan time again.
We are feeling the usual nerves.
It's a big one.
If you remember,
last time we had some
growth in one of the
tumors in the kidney...
so we really need that to be
or were gonna have to
change our treatment

As always, we can't express
our gratitude in how much we
appreciate your prayers,
and everything you all do for us!

I'll keep you posted on Thursday!

Also, I keep getting random e-mails from people
wanting me to let them guest post on this blog and
people wanting me to contact them about this blog.
I really only use this blog so people can keep up on T.
I'm sorry for not responding, but it's really only
so people can keep up on my man. ;)


Brittney said...

Love and prayers comin' your way!

KIRSTEN said...

I was just thinking about this blog. Hope hope hope you have some boring news for us, on your next post. Will be thinking of you guys

The McGurk Family said...

You wrote on my blog a little while back, I just wanted you to know that you are a huge inspiration to me! Prayers to you and your family!