Friday, November 4, 2011

Side Effects

I realized when I posted last that I have
failed to write about a few things
that Trav has been experiencing.

This post is mostly for our memory sake,
and for others with RCC who may
be using the same drug as T.

I wont feel bad if you don't read it...
in fact, I wont even know.

For a while T was experiencing his hands and feet
falling asleep and being really numb.
Yet another fun side effect of the drug...
So he has now added yet another medicine
to his regiment and it has seemed to help.

His pillbox keeps getting fuller.

Some other side effects that have worsened over
the past few months are his brittle, brittle nails.
He gets really bad ingrown toe nails and his fingernails
keep breaking. They are just so thin.
We decided to get some nail strengthener
and let the ladies apply it when needed.

They really love this side effect because it
results in them painting Daddy's nails...
they just wish it was pink polish.
So if you see a sheen on his nails, that's why.

His hair has started growing in about 100
different directions. I include this mostly so
you all know that his hair stylist (um, that's me),
really doesn't suck. His hair just is doing it's own thing.

He could do without the breakouts the meds cause.
I think they are just keeping him young....

His Iron levels have been really low.
They check them every week and have said
they may need to do an injection of some sort to pull
it back up, but it somehow rises just enough
by the next week that they haven't had to do it yet.
And then it falls...
and rises..
and falls.
We are hoping it stays up for good now.

Other then that he is just dealing with
the normal.
Chest pains, exhaustion,
and he still gets his back pains.

Such a good man, that Travis,
he never complains.

I'm hoping nothing blog worthy comes
up till the next scan,
after the Holidays.

So...Happy Holidays to you all!


Eileen said...

I always read. Every word. And then I feel so sad that you have to deal with so many not fun things.

And then I remember that I hate cancer. A lot.

I'm so amazed at Travis. He is such a brave soul.

You guys are loved. A lot.

Kristin said...

Hey hayley!

Just wanted to let uoi know that Jackie started drinking a tea .. . Essiac twice a day and it made a HUGE difference in her nails. Let me know if you want any more info on it!

Hope all is well!