Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy New Year?

Bronchitis has hit the Johnson side of the family. I mean really hit us. My dad, Cody, Amy, Heather, Jody, Brielle, Kutter, Me, and Travis too. (And I think Sienna may be starting it as well.) It is no fun for any of us, but especially not for T.

Today he coughed so hard that he broke his cancerous rib. I'm sure it was so weak due to the tumor that it just snapped. And he is in a whole lot of pain.

We spent the afternoon at the ER. The Dr. there said usually with a broken rib you just wait and eventually it will heal itself, but they aren't sure if it will heal at all due to the crappy cancer. We will talk to his Dr. tomorrow to see what he thinks. Till then he is doped up on percocet and I am doped up on lortab.......has anyone seen our kids? (I'm kidding).

At least we were all healthy through Christmas! Wish us luck and wish Travis a pain free night!


Eileen said...

That is so CRAPPY! I'm so sorry.


Trisha said...


Hanne and Fam said...

How horrible! I hope you all get feeling better soon!

Katie said...

uuggghhh. I hope you and Travis get feeling better soon, and especially the rib. And I hope the chickadees don't get it. Do you need help?

Super Mandi said...

That really sucks! If you need somewhere for your girls to come, my door is always open. I'm almost always home. Just give me a call. And I've got some gorilla glue, we could just glue his rib back together! :-) JK I hope you guys get feeling better. Seriously take me up on the girls if you need to k?

Grandmajoann said...

I am sorry to hear there are more problems. When it rains, it pours. I do hope it does heal and I hope the crappy cancer goes away! Surely with all the blessings and prayers offered in his behalf, something good will happen soon.