Saturday, June 22, 2013

{Kareoke Night and the plan}

First thing first:

In my last post I wrote we were trying to make some hard 
choices about treatment options.
We knew the day after I wrote that post,
that it was time to say goodbye to CABO.
Travis was rapidly getting worse.
We really were living in a quite depressing haze.

we have decided to try another drug called Votrient.
It's comparable to Sutent, which he has already done...
and really hated.  It was tough.
But, it did give him some stability-but the side effects are tough.
Not as tough as CABO maybe, 
but tough.

 Now, will it work?
I am trying to be optimistic,
but Sutent wasn't our answer,
so I'm betting Votrient wont be also. 

Why are we trying it?
 Because our next drug we'd like to try
(called afinitor),
which was a lot like the first drug (Torisel),
that worked for 4 beautiful years...
will most likely put Travis on dialysis.

5 hours a day,
3 days a week.

And it makes you feel pretty awful,
on top of the side effects of the chemo.

You see the dilemma?
 Trav's createnine has been dropping.
I am just crossing every crossable body part 
that it will continue to do so while he tries out
so if/when it does fail,
we can try afinitor without dialysis.

When I write it down it doesn't sound very promising or good...
but I'm having a hard time feeling worried, sad, or blue.

Because Travis has been off of chemo for a week now,
and he feels decent!
It's heaven.

We went to lunch the other day and I literally teared up with joy on the
way home.  It's been heaven.
We've laughed so much.  And been out!  Of the house!
It has been a very sweet reminder of how much we really like each other.
 We always know we love each other..
but between feeling sick and force feedings and all that comes along with it,
it's easy to forget that 
we. have. fun. together.

I've just loved this past week.
I don't want it to end....

But, I am grateful that he has been able to gain some strength,
and weight (5 lbs last week!)
(His appetite is back in full force.  He had 2 lunches today!)
and as soon as insurance approves us,
we will start.
I am really stocking up all this joy to get us through the next step.

A fundraiser was held in our honor Wednesday night.
My friend from high school's son-Mason, had cancer when he was 18 months old.
Michelle and I really had lost touch by this point,
but cancer gives people a bond...the club no one wants to join,
and we were able to reconnect.
Today, Mason is a very happy, very healthy, and VERY adorable and loved
little boy of 7 (who I'm hoping will date Sienna when he's older...).
Since then, Michelle has started a foundation called TEAM MASON.
They chose our family to hold a karaoke night for,
and I can't even begin to tell you how fun it was!

Travis was feeling good,
we had our closest family members there,
some of our very dearest friends,
and a lot of really bad singing.

I haven't laughed that hard in MONTHS!

I just wanted to thank those who attended,
who spent hours of their time for us, and to those
who have supported us along the way.
We are beyond touched by the generosity of others,
and cannot tell you what it does to our frame of mind to see such a support system.
We are lifted up in so many ways.
There isn't a great way for me to express how loved we feel,
and how incredibly grateful we are,
but it is genuine, and our hearts are incredibly full.
I hope someday I am in a season to give back the way so many have given to us.

Here is a link to some pics capturing the night.



The Fluckiger Family said...

What a refreshing post! I am SO happy that you are experiencing such normalcy(is that a word??), and that Trav is feeling so good right now. I can literally hear you smiling when you are talking to me on the phone. Wonderful. Trav and I were thrilled to have been able to participate(maybe more than I should have) in the fundraiser the other night! It was an absolute blast--I don't know the last time I laughed that hard either! it was like a reunion with your family. Love them. Love you. Praying for more times like these for you.

Brittney said...

I am SO HAPPY the fundraiser turned out so well! When I found out the day it was going to be I was so bummed because we already had plans to be out of town, otherwise I would have been up in a heartbeat. Love love you my dear! I was singing a little song for you even though I was far away.

amy olson said...

I went to school with Travis. I came across your blog from a high school friend. I Wish him the best of luck and sending prayers your way. Travis was a great person in high school and deserves all life has to offer. Tell him Hi from an old friend, ( Amy Archibald). He can beat this! You are a awsome person and I am sorry for all your going through.

amy olson said...

I went to high school with Travis, I came across your blog from a friend from high school. I am so sorry for all your going through, Travis is a great person and deserves all life has to offer. Tell him Hi from an old friend from high school( Amy Archibald) and I am thinking of you and sending prayers your way.