Monday, May 21, 2012

Oh boy.

Sutent is gonna be fun!
(Dripping with sarcasm).

Tonight I looked at T and said,
"How long have you been on Sutent now, 2 weeks?"
And he replied...

It feels more like 4.

Here's how things are shaping up for us.

After a few days on Sutent the fevers 
started to slow, and for a few days
No fevers?
No sweating them out for hours?

And his cough,
which has been really terrible,
has lessened quite a bit.
Not gone,
but gotten better!

And the nausea?
It's getting there.

Score 3 for Sutent.

Wednesday night Trav woke with some serious
rib pain again.
Because his body is mean and can't let him 
feel good for even a second!


Tomorrow he will go meet the pain
specialist again to see if they can help him out.
He gets absolutely no sleep with this awful pain,
so the sooner he gets it fixed,
the better.

We were thinking that as soon as the rib
pain is gone, he might start to feel like himself again.

Until today.
I'm pretty sure the side effects decided to kick in today.

He's felt awful.
All day long.
 His skin is yellowing a bit,
which I believe is normal.
And he got one heck of a fever today.
We know that they are coming,
but I have a pretty yucky feeling that
they are gonna be mean side effects.
And I  feel bad that my poor T hasn't felt
remotely decent in like 4 months.
(Ok, 4 years really, but even worse lately.)

I think him not sleeping isn't helping so I'm really 
crossing my fingers for the injection to help tomorrow.

Tonight I'm missing my husband.
I know he's here,
and we are so blessed that he is still here...
but he's miserable.
And he's not really himself.
 I'm just praying that these
side effects wont be too hard on him 
and once his rib pain is better he will
be able to find some energy,
and feel normal again.

There is a silver lining though.
 I mentioned that his cough was really bad before,
and it get a little better just before the rib pain began again.
And his 'morning sickness' has been a  lot better too.

I can't imagine how incredibly painful
it would be for him to cough that hard,
and be that sick with that pain.
Right now with his cough being as minor
as it is, it's still pretty painful.

We are both grateful for that.
And grateful for  the moments of normalcy we
are having.
 Even though this post sounds like it's all awful,
we have some really wonderful, happy moments
where life feels normal again.

I truly believe we will get there.
I think it will take some time to get used to 
these side effects,
but like his last drug,
his body will adjust.
I think we just have to be patient.

We are both working on it.
Thank, as always for the many people here cheering us on.
We sure love you!



Eileen said...

I hate how we all take our good health for granted. I just can't even imagine all that you two endure. Everyday. Your rewards will be "on high."
You are loved!

Watkins said...

You are in my thoughts always. I wish I could help in some way to ease your burden....I know (in a small way) how hard it is to watch the person you love go through the horrible effects of chemo. It is brutal, and you have been doing it for so long. The best I can do is to say you are in our prayers daily, our thoughts daily, and you are loved. And I am here for whatever, whenever!

Trisha said...

I am always humbled reading about your daily battle. I ditto the others and say, we love you!!!