Sunday, May 27, 2012


The day after I wrote this post we woke up to this beautiful sight.
 (The view from my front door at 7:30 am)
 Hundreds of them.
Lees in Smithfield ran out of orange
and started using yellow.
And Lees in Logan was bought out too.
(and more were added throughout the day)

They were brought with the message that we can feel lifted up.
And we did.

I mentioned that that night was extremely tough on our kids.
Waking up to this sight meant the world to them.
It made them remember that we have so many special 
people taking care of us.
And that, yes, life can feel hard,
but we aren't doing this alone.

This was done by friends,
sent by texts-to everyone and anyone who wanted to support us.
These dear friends-I know, had no idea how much this would mean to 
the little ladies.

Thank you for your love!
 We let them all go in the afternoon with lots of wishes floating up in the orange dotted sky.
 It was a beautiful sight!

A little update on  T and sutent.

This week was he did ok.
He had 4 shots Tuesday 
and  while the rib pain is 
still very present,
it's not as unbearable as before and 
he is able to log a few hours of sleep at a time,
where before he was waking up every 20 minutes in pain.
The stomach issues aren't fun for him.
He always feels pretty off,
and crappy,
but it's manageable.
 Each night he gets a heat rash that spreads
up from his chest to his face and makes him really hot.
Then cold,
Then hot again...
and cold again..

(How many of you just started singing katy perry lyrics?)

There are a few side effects I will spare details on,
for T's comfort and because ignorance is bliss...
but it's been ok.

Some days are really bad.
But for the most part he's managing.
We just cross our fingers for a good day each morning 
and see what happens.
It's like being on a roller coaster in the dark.
Except not fun, like Space mountain.

We feel loved and taken care of and are doing fine.
Thank you again for checking in!

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Melissa Hernandez said...

YOU ARE LOVED,,,no doubt about it!