Friday, January 27, 2012


Trav went in Tuesday to meet with a
pain specialist.
The Dr. was able to give him a shot and burn the
nerves that were causing all the pain.

So far it seems to have helped quite a lot.
He is able to move around a lot more and
it's not near as sensitive.
He still hurts in the morning an isn't sleeping
as well as he would like,
but I think will improve.

It's nice to see him laugh without
wanting to cry out in pain again!

We meet with a Dr. at Huntsman
in February so we are taking it easy
until then and enjoying what might be our
last few weeks of normalcy for a while.

We are both still very nervous
for what's to come,
but also so grateful that we have options.

Options are good.

I'm hoping we have nothing to
report till we meet with him.
Thanks again to everyone.
For everything.


Brittney said...

I've sure been thinking about you a lot lately! So glad he's getting some relief. He has an amazing woman by his side. Hope the next few weeks go well. Loves.

Cindy said...

You, Travis and your girls continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.
Cindy (Ekins) Mason
(From Travis' Mission)

Cindy said...

Oh, and Hayley, do you mind if I pass your blog on to other mission friends on Facebook? I'm sure they'd really like to add their love and support.


Hayley said...

Thank you for thinking of us. Of course you can pass it along!