Tuesday, January 3, 2012


The past month has been
really hard on Trav.
He's been in a lot of pain.
A lot.
It started in his back, pain he is sure
is stemming from the kidney.
Pretty much each night he is

He had an ultrasound a few
weeks ago to see if anything has changed
because the pain is so new, and so different then
what he has had previously,
but the ultrasound showed nothing new.
Which is good.
And bad.
Because it doesn't help us fix the problem.

That pain has started subsiding a little bit,
but now the rib pain is back.
And he is miserable again.
Really, really miserable.

I can't say how hard it is to watch him feel
so terrible.
And I wish so much that he could just have a break.
My heart hurts for him.

And I wish so much he could just
have one day where he felt normal again.
I do love that husband of mine
and each time he goes through
something like this I am in awe
of how he continues to work so hard,
be such a great, fun dad,
and such a fabulous husband.

I got so lucky.

Please pray for him.
He really deserves a day
where he is pain free!

Love to all
and hoping your Holidays were fabulous!


Goodwin Family said...

Oh Hayley, I wish I could take the pain away! You are always in my prayers, but even more so today. Love you.

Grandmajoann said...

So sorry to hear this. We do pray for him every night, and we will include the pain now. I hate anyone to be in pain. Wish we could do more. We love you.

The Wolfley Family said...

Sometimes I wish he would carry on like a baby so that we'd all know to stop pretending for a few minutes and just take care of him ...
... that's probably why he doesn't. Prayin anyway!

Trisha said...

Not only does he handle it with such strength, so do you! I went on and on today and you just let me :) I admire you so much for all you are!

Melissa Hernandez said...

;o( so sorry to hear Travis is so uncomfortable. It's so hard watching our loved ones suffer. I will keep your cute family in my prayers, and hope he has some days of feeling wonderful!! You guys are awesome, hang in there!