Thursday, March 24, 2011


I don't have much time tonight, so I'll make it quick.

The results were decent.

Shrinkage!!! in the rib!!
A small amount of growth in the tumors in his kidney (yes, tumor(s). I always thought there was only 1, but there are 2. Imagine how dumb I felt when I freaked out after seeing the #2 and hearing Trav tell me that they've always been there...I'm a moron.)
The lesion on the liver is showing up again, but I'm pretty sure it's always been there and was just looked over last time.
And the lungs are stable.

Kidney function is good.

We feel very loved. I received a million inquiring phone calls/e-mails/and texts over the past few days.

We are blessed.
We are lucky.
And we are gonna enjoy the next 3 months-till the next scan reminds us how sucky this stuff is.

Love to all.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Scan Time.

In the last post I mentioned that T's kidney function wasn't as good as the Dr. would have liked and that they were going to try and lessen his dose of meds to see what would happen.

Well when they lessened his dose his function started doing better, and is now back to where it should be, so they have upped his meds and will continue to watch it closely and make sure his kidney keeps doing it's job well.

We are really relieved that his function improved and now just pray it will continue to do well so we wont have to switch his medication. We are so thankful for a drug that has worked for us with minimal side effects, and our other options just don't sound too appealing. :)

Tuesday he will have another scan. It's been a while and being that he had a few weeks of a smaller dose of medicine, we are a little if you wanna say a prayer or two...we will sure appreciate it!

Thanks again to everyone who reads this blog and offers kind thoughts on our behalf. We are so grateful for the army of people who take such great care of us!