Thursday, July 21, 2011


I like scans on Thursdays.
Sure, it makes for an incredible tiring day for T
because he has to drink barium at 11 pm, 4 am, 5 am, and 6 am and be at the scan by 7 am.
And then he gets his poison injected at 3 pm, making him extra tired....
but at least we don't have to wait 3 days for results.

Here they are.
His rib, lungs, and liver are fairly stable.
His rib tumors have grown again, but just slightly.

The Doctor wants to really keep his eye on those tumors, but feels like it's best to stay on the
current treatment for the next 3 months and we will scan again.

We are crossing fingers for no more tumor growth there so we can continue the path we are on.

As usual, we are overwhelmed by the kindness shown to us on hard days like this.
I had 2 dinners brought to me.
And I may or may not have ate them both.

And the texts, e-mails, and phone calls are so appreciated.
And the diet cokes.

We have great friends.
Thank you!!


Watkins said...

I've been thinking about you all day. I am glad that the results are stable and hope that things will continue to stay that way! Praying for you always. I hope you can have a good night's sleep.

Kelli with Love said...

Wow...that's so much Barium! He's amazing! I threw up after one Barium drink on my last scan. Ick.
Glad there isn't lots of growth. I will pray for you guys that they continue to stay stable...or you know, just go away altogether. :o) God bless!!

The Drysdale's said...

Your family is so amazing. I think of you all often and try to remember you in my prayers. Oh and your kitchen remodel looks FABULOUS!

Grandmajoann said...

We are so glad to hear this news. Have prayed for him nightly and are pleased that he is being wached over by the great ONE.
Love you guys.

Brittney said...

Thanks for the update. We keep sending loves your way! I am SO glad to hear you are so well taken care of. But then again, how do you not love you? Impossible.

Mandy said...

Oh! I get so stressed for you! I'm glad things are stable and you can move forward with the next 3 months. I think of you often and think you're AWESOME! I KNOW it isn't easy living 3 months at a time. Bless you!