Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I've been asked about a million times how Travis is holding up, and each time it reminds me I should probably update this blog for those of you who are reading it. (Hello to Trav's cousins who I hear are reading, we appreciate you keeping tabs on him!)

Our radiation onc. made it pretty clear that this would be pretty hard on Travis.
She thought because of the high dosage of the radiation, mixed with him weekly treatments, he would be pretty exhausted. Also, they thought that his rib would be extremely tender. And he would get a pretty red sunburn type rash on the area the radiation was aimed.

We braced ourselves for it.

I gave myself pep talks about how "I will be supermom this week" when Trav comes home too tired to think.

He promised he would take days off work when he was plum tuckered out.

The ladies promised to be quiet when he was tired, and not to tackle him too much.:) Sienna still prays for Daddy's rib each night.

But truth be told, the side effects weren't that bad.
My man is like a superhero.
A Dr. Pepper drinking Superhero.

Oh yes, he had some really bad, really tired days. And his stomach felt a little weird (like I mentioned in the previous post), but it was manageable. And after the first week instead of getting worse (which was expected) he got a little better. His rib has ached a bit more, but not to the point they thought it might get. He even thinks he might give golfing a try here in a few weeks! And the sunburn never really came. (Just a nice mocha tan.:)

Now, this is all according to me. Travis tends to tell everyone that "he is fine" even on his worst days, so he could be lying to me and it is worse then all this, but usually I can tell when he is fibbing, and he really seems to be okay right now.

We are so thankful to have it over with, and so thankful that it has been better then expected. He goes in tomorrow for his 90something treatment.

Do you remember how much we hate Thursdays around here?
They are like a gloomy dark cloud over the week.

Tonight I am just feeling thankful that he is willing to put himself through so much for us.
I married up.
I love my husband.

As always, thanks for checking in!


The Falkers said...

I am a long lost cousin :-) Glad things went better than expected! :-)

Eileen said...
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Eileen said...

Jesus loves you. And so do I.

I love it when I spell wrong.

(Previous deleted comment)

Haylee Munk Brown said...

I am so so so so so glad he is feeling alright!!! I think him and every other person that has to go through yucky radiation and chemo are superheros! I can't wait to meet him sometime. I wish we lived a bit closer I would have your whole cute family over for a fun dinner. If you ever want to stay with us in Salt Lake that is an open invitation!!!

Celeste Russell said...

Hayley - You are amazing! I have to say that I have never been through what you are going through and if I ever had to I would definately call you for some tips on being so strong! I love your attitude and your faith and your strength! I keep reading on your posts that you married up - I don't think anyone could get much higher than you! Good luck with this challenge in your life! Always praying for you and your family!

Jonathan said...

Both superheros I think.

Trisha said...

That was me.

Grandmajoann said...

We are all so thankful that Travis is doing okay. We have a hard time realizing what he has really been thru. We thank you for this blog, for if it wasn't for it, we would probably forget it, as we never see each other or never talk. We do pray for him on a regular basis and are so thankful he is doing so good. And, he looks good also.....

Taryn said...

You don't know me and I hope I don't totally freak you out by commenting, but I just wanted to day I know how hard (and crappy) loving and taking care of someone with cancer can be. My dad (49 yrs old) has been fighting stage 4 colon cancer for the last 3.5 years. My parents live in ID and I live in Ohio with my small family so in many ways I am removed from the pain and heartache my mom and my little sisters and brother see each day. But I KNOW it is not easy and it is not fun. And I have a GREAT deal of respect for you for being the one there each and every moment. I watch my own mother take care of my dad and the sacrifices she has to make all while holding it together and I know it can not be easy. So tonight I am going to say a prayer for your sweet daughters, your brave husband, and a little extra for you to continue to find the strength it sounds like you so amazingly show each day.

Love from one who understands!

Sheryl said...

This must be the week for stangers to attack your blog! I am one of those cousins that keeps tabs. =) Thank you for keeping the blog updated, we do read it. I am so happy that the latest round of treatment wasn't as bad as expected. I love the picture of Travis with his Dr. Pepper! He must be related to his grandmother!

The Gundies said...