Thursday, June 17, 2010


Today marks Trav's 100th treatment.
I wondered briefly if we should celebrate somehow, but then realized maybe this isn't the type of thing you throw a party for...
At any rate, I'm just glad they are working and grateful at all the time they have given us.

We may have jumped the gun a little in deciding the radiation side effects weren't so bad. The radiation onc. really thought that he would have started experiencing pain a few weeks ago, so we thought we were in the clear.

The other day he complained that it was aching a bit, and as the day went on it got progressively worse. There are 2 really swollen spots that you can visibly see and feel. He's having a hard time even rolling over in bed, and I watch him walk around clutching his side a good chunk of the time, though I don't think he realizes he doing it.

Now, when I ask him how he's doing, he, of course, says "It's not that bad, I'm OK."
He's such a liar.

We both know that if the radiation works, the pain is worth it, but boy it's hard to watch him feel so crappy. I imagine he will get a scan in a few weeks to see whats going on in there. The hardest part about the rib pain is that it will probably be there for a while making for a very long summer.

And to top it off he has 6 or 7 cankers and they are pretty large, and pretty painful. I think once those clear up he will feel a little better.

I know this post is sounding quite negative and it wasn't meant out to be that way. We have so much to be thankful for, and know that soon enough his mouth will clear up and hopefully his pain will be lessened. I'm just hoping that happens sooner rather then later.


Andrea said...

I think it is totally worth celebrating. Not the fact that you have had to go through that many, but that you have made it through that many! Let it be a reminder of the strength you both have in enduring, and get yourself a treat!

Haylee Munk Brown said...

Any milestone with cancer is worth celebrating in my mind! I agree with Andrea, it is great that he has made it through that many! You are awesome Travis!!!! Congratulations on 100 TREATMENTS!!!

The Gundies said...

You always have to take the good and the bad together. The pain always makes the positive things seem so much better in the end. Keep on truckin.

Mandi Moon said...

The whole time I lived next to you guys I didn't know Travis had cancer for the longest time. You both have such amazing strength. I just love your little family!

Trisha said...

I am so amazed by every post you do about your journey.

Anonymous said...

don't you ever worry about sounding negative. that should be the last thing you concern yourself worth. Cosmic Blessing & Healing.