Monday, March 8, 2010

Did you know...

March is Kidney Cancer Awareness month?
Well, now you do. Awesome.
We even bought some fancy orange wristbands with a "Travstrong" logo to prove it.
Also awesome.
I've been thinking of how I can make people more aware of this yucky stuff that seems to rule our lives. Knowledge is power, right?
I thought about giving you simple facts about kidney cancer, but every time I try to write this post it just sounds boring. (Is it wrong to admit that?)
Instead, I've decided you get to ask the questions. I think this is a great way to get people to be more educated about this cancer.
So, either e-mail me at, or ask in the comments section and make your name anonomys, and I will answer anything. I'll even research the answer if I don't know it. (That's love people.)
Your question can be anything cancer related from why in the world Trav looks so healthy to what treatment days are like, Just don't ask anything too wierd...
We are officially open books.
(I'm a little scared that this is gonna backfire and you all will be too scared to ask. Don't leave me hanging friends.)
To read more about Kidney cancer go here.


Linda Johnson said...

We, I have some questions? Why does Travis always look so healthy and happy when I know he never feels good? How do you both stay so strong and have so much faith and strength? How do you manage to do so much service for others when you are going through so much yourselves? What can we as a family do to support you more? I am so proud of you and you love

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't Travis lost his hair?

Trisha said...

1st, that picture brought tears to my eyes....

I second the question, how do you always appear so upbeat about life?(my sisters both commented on this)

How does Travis still work?
How exactly does a treatment go?
What do you need most right now?

Anonymous said...

What is the hardest part?
Do your daughters understand?

Anonymous said...

I don't have any questions. I have followed your blog for about a year now. My husband has chronic pancreatitis. I know what a struggle it is to get through the days. Especially when he is not feeling really well. His illness is usually caused by drinking. He never has had a drink. He's just one of the lucky ones that they diagnose with . .you must have had a virus. He is constantly nauseated and his energy level is almost zero. We've been doing this for 8 years. It is just one day at a time. Our children ranged in age from 20 down to 8 when he got ill. He is SO much better than 8 years ago. Hang in there and just do your best.