Thursday, November 13, 2008


Today Travis had his 40th treatment. Ugh. 40.

He is still doing pretty good, and hopefully this weeks treatment doesn't change that. *Thinking happy thoughts and zero cankers...*

He spoke in church on Sunday and I wanted to write a bit on what he spoke on. There is a woman who Trav has met at the cancer center. She got into a car accident a few years ago and is now a paraplegic. And now she is battling breast cancer. She comes in weekly for her treatments, in her wheel chair. She has no strength, she is losing her hair, and she is exhausted. Travis says she is always smiling, and has a great attitude.

I can't even begin to imagine.

So yes, we hate that today he had is 40th treatment. (And I've told him he has HUNDREDS more to go), but we are constantly reminded that there are many, many people who have it worse. We hear their stories often, and Travis meets these new amazing people every week, and we are constantly amazed at some people strength, and the examples they set for us.

This is me finding a silver lining. :)


Hanne and Fam said...

I loved Travis' talk on Sunday and how he thinks of that woman as his hero. I wanted you guys to know you are my heros too. I look up to you guys and hope that in the face of adversity I could do half as well as you do! Love you guys!

Christensen Family said...

I was just wondering if that lady travis Knows is Analee Rupp she lives in tremonton and That sounds just like her I feel so bad for her to have to go through that and she has even more to her story. she is a tough woman. My blog is private and Tana is my sister but you can email me at
Let me know if it is her I know her. Thanks Amanda

Trisha said...

I wish I could have heard his talk!

The Lawley's said...

Hi Hayley, You don't know me... I found this blog on Ashlee Ward's whose sister is my friend...blah, blah, blah/ Anyway, my name is Shelley Lawley and my family is goin through a similar situation as you guys and it is so inspiring to see you and your family so upbeat and positive! I hope you don't mind me reading this blog. You guys are in my prayers.

Quinn and Melanie said...

I hope you can talk Trav into a party! He totally deserves one. He is one amazing guy. As for you and your optimistic attidue...two thumbs up!! I think it should be a joint party for BOTH of you!! Hang in there you both are AMAZING!!