Sunday, October 19, 2014

{T day}

We've officially made it an entire year.
The week leading up to our year mark felt pretty heavy to me,
but the actual day was a beautiful, lovely day...
mostly because so many of you helped to make it so.

Travis would have loved fact, I'm sure he did.

I got e-mail after e-mail, text after text and pic after pic of such great acts!
The entire day just made my heart feel warmed and full of joy,
and I think it helped a lot of other people feel that way too.
Anyone who loved Travis should be happy that this day was dedicated to him.

I bet I'll miss a State or if I did, correct me!
But-last I checked, service was done in all of these places.


I know for a fact that I'm missing a lot of acts below,
and there were A LOT of texts that just said
"Did something for someone while thinking of T today."
So great.

A complete stranger and her family helped a man in need.
A friend sent darling orange filled boxes to missionaries
Families left gifts on peoples stoops.
Lots of cookies left on doorsteps.
Dinners for families moving.
Our local Hospice threw a BBQ to honor their employees in Trav's name.
A friend saw that a women in our town was trying to find a cheap stroller on
facebook because she couldn't fit her big one in the hospital to take her baby while she got chemo,
they bought her a brand new one.  This one made me cry.
Lots of them made me cry....
Pumpkins donated in Trav's name for a fundraiser for someone battling cancer.
A very thoughtful gift for someone truly deserving.
A friend and her family made an orange cake and threw a party for grandparents.
A free photo session from a fabulous photographer for someone in need.
Letters to her children who needed a smile.
Drive-through Breakfast at McDonald's was bought for some cute little old ladies.
Orange Donuts were delivered to some friends.
Some surprised overdo library fines were paid.
Lots of sweet kids brought treats for teammates.
Lots of people donated to
Lots of very happy people had their groceries paid for.
Aggie tickets were given to a few very happy people.
A friend helped his mom with some chores around the house.
Many secret services. Many.
Adorable kids cleaning the neighborhood parks.
Lots of kids used their own money to help out however they could.
A friend took Trav and My favorite sugar cookies (From the Sugar Cookie in Saint George)
to people in the hospital.  So awesome.
More dinners for deserving families.
Kids loading coolers and picking up garbage.
Lots of raked leaves.
Beautiful pies were baked and taken to others.
Brightened a family members day by surprising her with a visit.
Coins taped to the car wash (so creative!)
Horse rides were given.
Olive Garden lunch was purchased for a cute couple.
 A darling little girl gave away extra tickets at a carnival to a kid who needed them.
Visiting sick grandparents and giving cards.
Wendy's drive through, multiple times.
Grocery Carts were taken in.
Garbage's clean up.
Garages were cleaned too!
Cookies were passed out at a parade.
Temple Work was done by multiple people.
The girls classes went to the cemetery to visit Trav's grave...
they delivered flowers to lonely graves and cleaned up garbage on their way.
Roads were clean up by two very cute boys in orange in CA.
A friend offering a ride to someone who has to WALK  a very far way to school, for the rest of the year.... very kind and generous.
A friend of mine and his wife were talking about what they could do in front of their kids, and the day got away from them.  They felt really bad, until they pulled in their driveway and saw that their
kids did jobs around the house, after overhearing them discuss it the day before.  So great.
A friend brought in her neighbors (who is pregnant) garbage and helped donate to a couple in need of IVF.
A dinner was purchased for someone serving our Country.
A lunch at a drivethrough in Preston.
Helped a single mom with groceries and helped Grandparents rake leaves
A great family went to meet the Mormons and gave away movie passes and popcorn.  So fun!
Lots and lots and lots of service from our YM/YW and Activity Day girls.
Dinner was purchased at a restaurant for a young family.
A darling little boy left coins for the mechanic horse rides at the store.  So adorable!
Secret services.
Food bank donations and kind notes to kids and friends.
Someone paid the field trip donations for some kids who couldn't afford it (such a great idea!)
A few Boxes of Sunshine were sent.
Cobwebs and Windows were cleaned for an older woman, and her favorite food was purchased.
Friends delivered treats to fire fighters who helped their family during a fire last year.
Pumpkin bread was delivered (YUM!)
A friend edited pictures for family member who couldn't attend a funeral and sent them his way.
My darling friend Marielle, who is serving in Switzerland contacted EVERY single person
in orange for a whole day.  This was too darling!
Another friend on a mission did a service in Mexico.
A cute friend had her daughter write a card and gave a stranger money.
A friend paid for a young girls gas.  The girl cried and told her she was worried about paying her bills.  Pretty awesome.
A friend served a man in need on the streets, and brought cupcakes to half the city of Smithfield.
Someone delivered US our favorite cinnamon rolls... I told them it wasn't supposed to benefit us,
as I chowed one down. :)
Another friend cleaned the church, she felt like it wasn't enough, and they discussed service
with their kids for FHE afterwards.  She said she was very touched by how much it made them want to serve others. (And in my opinion, cleaning the church  is a fabulous service!)
Carmel apples were given to people at the temple.
A gas card was given to someone at the gas station.
Roo's soccer team wore orange socks, made orange cookies and let off orange balloons.
It made her feel so special and it was so kind of everyone to surprise us and support us like that!

I know I am forgetting some.
I'm sorry if I forgot yours!  We were bombarded by goodness all day long.

Thank you to those who served.  I can't help but wonder how many acts were passed on,
how many were kept quiet, and I sure hope that the spirit of giving continues!

I have no words to express my gratitude for helping us make that day so special.
I was worried it was going to be incredibly hard.
It was hard-but it was beautiful and filled with so much love.

And I really have no words to express my gratitude for getting us through the past year.
(Who am I kidding...the past 5 years!)
We have been prayed for and served and so incredibly loved.
People have met our needs before I realized exactly what it was that was needed.
My friends have rescued me so many times.  They've let me cry when I needed to,
laugh when I really needed to, and vent at all times of the day.
My kids have made such great, compassionate friends.
They've had blessings from neighbors and grandpa when needed.
They've been able to laugh and smile through a very hard time of their lives.
I am so proud of them, and know that they couldn't get through it without the army of people helping us along the way.

I miss our nightly chats, cooking his favorite food, holding his hand in the car.
I miss his laughter and support.
I miss him as a husband and best friend.
And I miss him as a Father.
Our family just looks different now.
For a while, we are just 3 ladies trying to figure it all out.
I figure if we stumble a little, that's ok.
And am gonna do my best to pick us back up when we fall...
so do your best not to judge me when I haven't picked us up quite as gracefully as Id like to.
(If you judge me...I'll say this: I wouldn't wish this widowing shiz on my worst enemy.)
(Yep, I wrote shiz.  Judge away.)

Looking forward I'm making goals for us three ladies.
We will still talk about Travis daily.
Because these girls will always know their Daddy.
We are gonna fill our lives up with goodness.
Before Trav died, we talked a lot about what I'd do without him.
He told me to make sure we were happy...
so we are gonna be happy.
(I told him to do his best and not judge me from above for the mistakes I'm sure to make....
he promised me he wouldn't:).
We are gonna travel the world and wear gorgeous shoes.
We are gonna stay up late on the weekends and sleep in as often as possible.
We are going to grow our testimonies and I'm going to do my best to make sure they know how important that was to their Dad.
We are going to make mistakes, and hopefully learn from them.
And we are going to look for others to serve,
because HEAVEN KNOWS that we've had our turn.

Wish us luck on our journey,
and thank you-from the very bottom of my heart-and from Trav's too,
for the amazing support we've had over the years.
We love you all.


Mortons Love said...

Well that made me cry! There are so many beautiful people in the world! How awesome! You and your girls are some of those beautiful people! Congratulations for making it one year full of grace, beauty and love! I truly truly admire you Hayley! Keep being awesome! xoxo

myinfertilitywoes said...

I've been following you for awhile now (and heard about you through Dena Battle in DC). I love how graceful and honest your posts are and my heart goes out to you and your girls. I'm so sorry you've had to go through all of this. You seem like an amazing woman with the biggest heart. Thank you for sharing all of the service acts people did in memory of Travis. It was very heartwarming. I know you don't know me but I'm sending you hugs anyway. :). xoxo