Friday, May 10, 2013

The Latest.

I've been getting texts from
Trav's groupies...
"Tell us what's new!"
"How's T doing?
 And so on...
so I thought I'd give you a quick update.

Before I do so,
I've decided you all need a nickname.
Like Justin Beibers fans...The Beliebers.
Or Lady Gaga's...Little Monsters.
Feel free to add your suggestion in the comments.

Ok, now that we have the important stuff out of the way-
Here's the latest.

Travis is home.
He remembers everything....and is,
once again,
a completely smart computer nerd.
Just the way we like him.
Love him really.
He's fabulous.

Since we've been home we've had about a zillion
Doctor's appointments, just checking in and coming up 
with future plans.

He had labs drawn on Monday,
and the createnine is still stable.
Which is good...
but it's still high, borderline failing...
which is not good.

And Monday,
after meeting with our ONC,
we came up with a plan to resume his current chemo, 
and he started that night.
(Side Effects are already kicking in...what fun!)

I am fairly concerned the chemo is gonna conk his kidney function
way out...
but so far,
the signs we had before the hospital
(shaky hands, sweet smell, muddled brain and confusion),
aren't there so I'm hoping that the next labs are good!
I can't tell you how relieved we would be if they just stayed stable.

Here's our newest problem.
You all know T has that pesky tumor on his right rib.
And it's pretty painful at times,
though he has had injections that really help with the pain,
and he's learned to cope with it well.

Well,  now he is having some serious pain in his left rib.
This has been hard.
Sneezing, coughing, yawning and laughing all cause some
serious pain.
I am just praying the the side effects don't cause him to vomit...
I can't even think about how bad it would hurt.
He's learned to adjust to sleeping on his side due to the first tumor,
and now that side is effected too...
making sleep kinda impossible.

I'm crossing my fingers that this is just a random flare of pain,
and that there isn't a new met.
And if it is a met,
I'm praying that the chemo kills it fast.
The beauty of this new drug,
is that IF it works, for most it works well on bone mets.

So we are crossing our fingers.
If you see Travis,
try not to make him laugh.
Or sneeze.
Or yawn.

You know that beautiful poem about what cancer can't do?
Link here if you don't.

Well, I think it's a beautiful poem.
And agree with every word.
But come on cancer!
Your pissing me off!
Your now taking away LAUGHTER from my husband!
And please, can the man just SNEEZE without being in pain?

Really though,
Trav continues to amaze me every day.
Mornings are still really hard,
but he's been going to work each day around lunch,
and reveling in coming home and being with the ladies.

And us,
we are in heaven just having him here.

Labs again Monday,
and I'm betting an x-ray on this new pain.
 Let's hope it magically dissapears by then!
I mean,
at some point,
somethings gotta go his way...right? :)


Jill said...

I'm so glad he's doing better but so sad he's in so much pain. So sorry. We think and pray for u guys often.

Bryon Gundersen said...

I'm very impressed by the way that Trav, Hayley and the girls have all been blessed. I say that you were the part that really blessed me when we were going through my brain cancer. If you can think of how we can help you guys have your wife email me and we can do whatever. In case you have forgotten my email it is

Bryon Gundersen said...

If you can think of anything that me my wife Sara or my kids can do for you just email me at CANCER SUCKS!!!!

Bryon Gundersen said...

If you can think of anything that me my wife Sara or my kids can do for you just email me at CANCER SUCKS!!!!