Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sutent: Round 2

Round 2 is done!

Never has anyone been more ready
for a 2 week break then T.

Take my word for it.

During his last 2 weeks off he started feeling much better
and going in to his first week
he did pretty well.

Week 2 the stomach pains began.
And the heat rash/fever.
And he welcomed the complete exhaustion that is Sutent.
Week 3 they all worsened.
And the joint pain began.
His joints were just really, really stiff and pretty painful.
Week 4,
They somehow got worse.
The stomach pains were pretty unbearable
and the joints were pretty awful.
The fevers seemed to worsen.
And he was ready to be done!

did you notice I didn't add any nausea to our list?
He had it once or twice,
but hasn't thrown up at all in the past 4 weeks!
That is very good news for him.

My dear husband is amazing.
He didn't miss one day of work this entire cycle.
And I can promise you that the stomach aches and fatigue 
would keep most men home.

He's a keeper.

We are going to really try to enjoy the next 2 weeks 
before he starts again.

And we should have a date-ish set for scans soon too.

Full of hope and dread.
Love to all.

(Oh and the hair is a lovely shade of grey.  Quite distinguished really.)