Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sutent round 3-and a Scan date.

Well hello all.
Thanks for stopping by.
I thought I'd update a little on how
my T is doing.
He has 3 more days into his 4 week cycle
and then we are welcoming...
with wipe open arms!
a 2 week break.
Things have been pretty similar
with this round as they have in
the past few....
we are feeling so thankful that
he hasn't had mouth sores
or any sign on hand and foot.
The fevers have been more persistent.
The nausea came much more often
then last round, but he's been able
to control it and it hasn't gotten him too sick.
His joints have been achy.
And of course the stomach cramps
and pains never want to leave...
but until this last week I think they were
bearable.  He's such a trooper!
I'd say that the worst part this
time for him would be the fatigue.
It's really beat him down this time.
 He is constantly exhausted
and can fall asleep whenever.
And most days he walks
in the door-and spends the rest of 
the night on our cozy couch-
basking in our chaos.
 He actually was so concerned
about how tired he feels that
he even got a blood draw!
(T isn't one to go to the Dr. unless 
they-or I-make him.)
His blood work looked fine,
so it's just from the darn pill.
 The past 2 days he's woken up with
a swollen face.
Yep, it's as weird as it sounds. 
His eyes-nose- and lips all have been swelling.
So when a new side effect presents itself-
I go into research mode.
I head right here
and read to make sure it is 'normal'
for Sutent users.
(If you haven't read the side effects link
before and what a real picture of our glamorous life...
go there.  Really, it's terrifying.)
I didn't love reading that if you
are swelling in your face you need to contact your
I not so nicely told T he wasn't allowed to take
a pill tonight without call our fabulous Doc.
Meanwhile, I'm full of first day of school
exhaustion-first day of work exhaustion-
(Yep, I have me a job now...heaven help me!)
and the usual cancer anxiety...
so I may have been a little (LOT) tearful and
As usual though, 
the Dr. calmed my huge worries
thinking it is probably a normal reaction-
and not worrying because his throat and tongue 
feel fine.
 He is now on a steroid and I've drank a 
Dt. coke---so we are all good.

He has only 3 pill filled days left and
then hopefully he will feel like himself again.

The whole reason I began this post was to mention
that scans are happening.  
On the 4th of September.

I feel I have to mention that our 
10 year anniversary
(10 years!),
falls just 2 days later on the 6th.

I'm thinking I know what T can get me.

Good scans.
And they are pricey enough
that I think that'll do.


Haylee Munk Brown said...

I don't know how you do it! I will be praying for good scans!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah a real picnic this stuff (I've just been DXed with exactly the same ... mets to liver, lungs and rib).

If it helps, I've found Kidney-onc RCC community to be a wonderful source of expert knowledge and determination to beat this critter (or, maybe you are already a member.

Have you thought about combining Zometa (Zoledronic Acid) with the Sutent?


“We found in this retrospective study that the use of bisphosphonates [in combination with Sutent] decreased the risk of dying by approximately 60%,” said Dr. Keizman. “It improved progression-free survival by 45%.”


Eileen said...

How is it that you still make me smile, even when you are talking about scary stuff!? You have such a way. A way with life. I'm really glad [and lucky] I know you.

You guys are loved. By much and many.

Nicholas said...

I will be thinking of you guys! We share the same anniversary. Such a great day! Good luck with the scan. You have an adorable family and such a great spirit about everything.

Hayley said...

Anon- he does take Zometa as well

Trisha said...

You are both amazing! I hope to hear more about the scans and the new job and more time passes. Loves!