Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just a little update.

I'm sorry to have neglected this blog since my last post, but I've lacked the energy, desire, and the time. Each time I take a little break from this blog, I get many worried e-mails and phone calls. I'm sorry to make you all worry, but remember: No news is good news. It's when I post a lot that you should worry. ;)

In the last post I mentioned Trav was experiencing some pretty severe pain, and the Doctor couldn't really understand why because the scan results looked normal. (I use the term normal loosely, I should say normal for T.)

For a few weeks T was on some pretty good pain meds that really helped with the pain, but obviously he doesn't want to need them all the time, so he is done taking them now and the pain has subsided. I wouldn't say he feels great, but he feels much better and for that we are both very grateful. He's only had a few really hard nights since he's stopped taking the meds, and I'm hoping they will lessen with time.

I'd say his biggest complaint right now is the chest pain, and night sweats. He had them first when he was diagnosed the first time, and for some reason they are back.

I kinda like telling him he's going through menopause but he doesn't think I'm nearly as funny as I think I am.....weird.

In my last post I wrote that hospice was brought in for Thomas Goodwin, and on Veterans day, he passed away. Take a moment and go here to read his beautiful obituary. I realize more and more how lucky we are that things have gone so well for Trav. We have been blessed beyond measure for how long his treatments have worked. I only wish The Goodwin's could have been as lucky. They are good people and I hope that Debbie can find some comfort in the hard months and years to come.

Thanks for always checking in. Sure appreciate you all!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I feel terrible that I have yet to update the blog with the results from the scan. And I can tell I've got some of you worried by the e-mails/texts you've been sending.

But never fear, I've just been extremely busy today and have barely had time to respond to anything.

The scan looked good.
The rib mets even went and shrunk a teensy tiny bit.
But that darn kidney tumor went and grew a teensy tiny bit...
so I guess we're even.

The Dr. was pleased with the results, and happy that the fluid seems to be staying away. There is still a bit in there, but nothing new. And we are happy with the news that things are stable and he can keep on taking his current drug, but also a little perplexed as to why he has been in soooo much pain.

He's missing sleep.
And breathing without aching.
And sneezing without wanting to cry.

The Dr. is going to help us try some new meds to help T manage his pain. Wish him luck!

We both can't express our gratitude for the many calls/texts/e-mails/and cookies from you all every time we go through this. I'm sure it gets old taking such good care of us. Just know it doesn't go unappreciated and we do realize how blessed we are to have you.

After writing this post I clicked a link to a dear cyberfriend, who's husband is also battling RCC. They have had a really rough couple of months and could use some prayers as they have decided it's time for hospice to come in. Send a prayer or 2 to Tom and Debbie Goodwin. I know I will.

I hate stupid cancer.