Monday, May 10, 2010


Travis started his radiation today.
He went in at 7:45 this morning.
He was there for maybe an hour, just getting all set up, re-x-rayed. (I made up that word),
and getting zapped.
They made him hold his hands very still above his head for a good half hour, and that was his biggest complaint.
Turns out, radiation is quick and easy.

When we met with the radiation oncologist last week, she told us that when he starts his therapy he will want to get %100 aloe Vera to rub on his rib, because the radiation will cause a rash.

Today, he asked the guy helping him how often to use it.
The man says "You only have 5 treatments, once a day should be plenty."

They zapped him, then as he's getting ready to go the same guy says,
"Um, that's a really high dose, so you probably should put the aloe on at least 3 times a day."

Awesome. Travis is pumped about his upcoming aching skin.

From what we've heard the majority of the people who get radiation don't experience side effects right away. They usually kick in a week (or 2) later. So we are very curious to see what happens in the next few weeks.

His stomach did feel a bit "funny" today. He just wasn't hungry and opted to eat a banana for lunch. I force fed him dinner, and babied him all night long.

He's in good spirits though, and being his sarcastic self.
Like tonight when I asked him to wash the girls hair while they were in the tub, he replied with a very hearty, very whiny,
"But I had radiation today".
It's a good thing he said it with a smile.

He still ended up washing their hair.

Thanks to all of you who have been praying for us, bringing us dinner, mowing our lawn, and just being here for us. We are so thankful. So. very. thankful.


Eileen said...

Oh. I should have wished you well on Sunday. Travis is SUCH a trooper. I am always in complete awe of his attitude. And dignity. And kindness. I feel very privlidged to know him.

Did I spell privlidged right?

Aaron and Mindy said...

Radiation is wierd! When my dad had it he ended up with a really crazy shaped sun tan/burn where the radiation was, it was crazy. I guess it really burns from the inside out. I think his radiation was one of the least painful treatments though. Keep the faith. It will all work out. Love you guys.

Haylee Munk Brown said...

I remember my dad had problems with the burning, but at least it was quick and he didn't get sick even though he had it every day for six weeks. I hope Travs goes well. BTW my dad's scan last week still showed no more cancer growth :)

The Gundies said...

I remember Bryon going through treatments and thinking how quick and easy it would be to kill someone off with that method. Bryon said I WAS trying to kill him at some point since his steaks started tasting a bit weird, but he'll never know now...will he.

Trisha said...

You both are amazing.