Monday, December 7, 2009

A scare.

Last week Travis started having some pretty bad lower back pain. It persisted through the whole week, so when he went in for his treatment on Thursday he mentioned it to his doctor. The doctor said it could be just a pulled muscle (fingers crossed), but it possibly could mean that his cancer has spread to his spine.

Friday Travis went in for an x-ray in the afternoon, and we spent the weekend terrified and waiting.

I wish there was some way I could explain the anguish of waiting for results this big. This life changing.

If it had spread, that would mean the treatments that have miraculously been working thus far, have stopped.

It would mean that once again, we'd have to start brand new in figuring out how to deal with this awful disease, and I don't really think emotionally, (I) could handle it.....

But, after waiting all weekend with visions of doom, we learned that Travis has arthritis in his spine, or degenerative spine disease.

We don't know much about it, but what we've found out by looking on line is that it is just gonna cause him pain (more pain. Poor Travis), and sometimes it will flair up, and others he wont feel it at all.

We are so relieved that the cancer hasn't spread. And I find it a bit sad and pathetic that we are all so happy that he has arthritis.

Over the weekend we had so many people praying for us, and so many people fasting for us. I can't tell you how very blessed we felt. We have beautiful friends with big old hearts. You all mean the world to us.

Thank you.

Travis is thinking of starting a pool: Which body part will fail him next? (He said it jokingly..)